Charming and Colorful Cottage Gardens

The English cottage garden brings a charming intimacy to the home. Many plants that thrive in the Kirkwood area offer the relaxed cheerfulness which evoke the colorful flare of the cottage garden.

Use natural materials and curving edges to produce informal structural features. Wooden fencing, lattice, and arbors create backdrops and support for larger or vining plants. A climbing plant is practically a requirement for any cottage garden. ‘Major Wheeler’ Lonicera produces bright red tubes that attract hummingbirds.

Many Missouri native plants are perfect for a cottage garden. Missouri Primrose’s large cheery yellow flowers bloom all summer. Plant these in front of scented blue mounds of Lavender to create an excellent color contrast. The stately Joe Pye Weed brings height to the garden and its airy purple flowers attract butterflies. Tall garden Phlox offer a long bloom of bright pink billowing blossoms.

Make natural looking paths with stone or mulch, add groundcovers and small plants to soften the edges. Using sticks or natural stones as edging will define the garden without giving an overly formal appearance. Pinks, Bloody Cranesbill, and Candytuft are three great choices that will soften edges and add lots of flower power to the front of gardens.

While traditional cottage gardens are planted in full sun, a shade cottage garden can easily be achieved with a few tweaks to the guidelines. Instead of extreme flower power look to add colorful foliage and interesting textures. Long bloomers like yellow Corydalis and Smooth Hydrangeas carry flowers all summer. The pinks, reds and purples from Astilbe, Bleeding Heart and Anemone add bold pops of color seasonally.

There are plenty of shrubs that suit the cottage garden look and require little maintenance. Butterfly Bush bloom in vibrant colors all summer. With their showy flowers and ease of care, Spirea make a top choice for any garden but can shine in the cottage garden.  Shrub Roses freely flower for a long period of time. Plant a hedge for a traditional cottage garden aesthetic. Use any of the above-mentioned shrubs to create a colorful wall or plant Boxwoods for a clean evergreen look.

Repeating colors and textures adds harmony and flow to the garden. Originally these gardens were meant to provide food and medicine to the home – adding edibles plants including vegetables, herbs and fruit trees will only enhance their beauty and functionality. Cottage gardens should be informal, welcoming and colorful - just like Kirkwood!

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