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Make progress on your financial timeline with Osaic Wealth Financial Advisor Jeff Brecht

Financial planning transcends numbers. It’s about empowering individuals to craft lives tailored to their aspirations and circumstances. For Jeff Brecht, who has served as a financial advisor for over two decades, the key is to meet clients where they are at, without any judgment.

“Everyone in life has a different starting point financially. Some are born into wealth, most are not, and the rest are somewhere in between. We all walk different paths, making each financial timeline unique,” says Brecht. “This financial starting point is why my job is often more art than science. What makes a fulfilling life for one person can be entirely different for someone else.”

A financial review can be a rewarding exercise to help you validate if you are on track to meet your personal goals. Alongside Brecht, you will formulate an effective plan based on what is and isn’t working, and what changes in investing and or lifestyle are necessary.

You may cover topics like whether you have a current will, are carrying enough life insurance, or made more money last year than the year prior. Brecht will even work with you to understand how major life events, such as moving, changing jobs, or growing your family, factor into your financial timeline. You come out better equipped to navigate your future.

“Life comes at you fast, and we all know markets go up and down. The earlier you can start, the more time you’ll have to build the life you want while handling the things life throws at you,” says Brecht. “A solid strategy to use when starting early is working with an advisor who can help you diversify your portfolio to take advantage of these ups and downs, and take some of the emotion out of the market’s roller coaster.”

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