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Erica Davis and Wendy Geramita

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The Crowned Cheerleading Champions

The Women and Program Behind An Undefeated Season

Article by Siena Gagliano

Photography by Kate Cooley/Cooley Portraits

Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

The Senior Level 4 Team – Fuel, of Champions Cheerleading and Tumbling did not hide the outpouring of emotion after they were named Grand Champions, in addition to being awarded the prestigious Best Choreography title at the coveted NCA All-Star Nationals in Dallas. At the time, the girls’ tears of joy and gratitude for the title would lead some to believe that this kind of win is a rarity for them, but in fact, they are no strangers to the crown. Leading up to the grand championship event, the team won all eight competitions this year alone, eclipsing last year’s previous winning season. 

Humbled and grateful after each victory, this all-star cheer team can contribute their success to more than just their will and determination to claim each and every victory. At the forefront of every accomplished team, it takes a community of mentors and leaders grounded in strong values and principles to shape athletes both in and out of the gym. At Champions Cheerleading and Tumbling in San Antonio, you’ll find just that.

Run by powerful women including co-owner Wendy Geramita, former Smithson Valley Cheerleader, and Fuel Senior Level 4 Team led by award-winning choreographer, Erica Davis, this establishment is rooted in the philosophy that success is created by challenging its athletes through a supportive, positive community. Now averaging around six to seven all-star teams per season, 120 competitive athletes, and running upwards of 700 students in the gym per week, Champions Cheerleading and Tumbling is not only the longest-running cheer and tumbling program in San Antonio and surrounding areas, but also is among the top ten longest-running gyms in the United States. This August is momentous as it marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Champions, as well as the twenty-third year of all-star competitive cheer.

For more information on Champions for athletes of all ages, please contact Wendy at or via Facebook @championscheerleading. Athletes by nature, Champions by choice! C-A-S Simply The Best!

  • Erica Davis and Wendy Geramita
  • Erica Davis and Wendy Geramita