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Delightful Dishes Local Eatery Owners Recommend

Ever wonder what restaurant owners and managers eat from the menus of their own establishments? Clayton City Lifestyle inquired with some locals. 

The Posh is where a sandwich turns into a meal, says Michelle Boland, owner of The Posh Nosh Deli. She says she'd have to put their rueben and pastrami sandwiches at the top of her list. She quickly adds that their matzah ball soup is what many customers order. She adds that a significant amount of others like their homemade Greek slaw and their carrot cake. 

One of the most popular attributes with consumers about this deli is its consistency. "We've followed the same recipes for 50 years," reveals Michelle. 

"Our famous pickels and kraut are still available, now from a bucket with individual paper boats rather than on each table, for customer safety reasons," she says. 

When in doubt about what to order at The Posh, go for THE "Claytonian," of course! It's a masterpiece of hot corned beef, pastrami, Swiss cheese, creamy slaw and homemade Russian dressing, served warm on rye bread. 

8115 Maryland Ave., Clayton

Within an atmosphere of relaxed elegance previously occupied by J. Bucks, one fine-dining restaurant offers dry aged steaks, fresh seafood, an award-winning wine list and professional service. Many also come to The Capital Grille for their signature ‘Stoli Doli,' a vodka infused with fresh pineapple. Menu suggestions from Capital Grille chefs are:

  • Sliced Filet Mignon with Cipollini Onions, Wild Mushrooms and Fig Essence (a rich twist on the classic filet mignon) 

  • Porcini Rubbed Bone-In Ribeye with 15-Year Aged Balsamic (their signature steak, prepared with delicate porcini mushroom crust)

  • Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged KC Strip with Shallot Butter (acclaimed coffee-rubbed, boldly flavored Kansas City strip)

  • Seared Tenderloin with Butter Poached Lobster Tails (ultimate steak and seafood experience)

Additionally, Geoff Dill, managing partner for The Capital Grille in Clayton, X

101 S. Hanley Road, Suite 250, Clayton

Handcrafted Chinese 'buns' get accentuated at this Asian eatery. Traditional bao (a Chinese steamed bread roll with a filling of meat or vegetables) can be stuffed with a spectrum of fillings—in this local case, spicy lobster, fried chicken, teriyaki bacon, soft shell crab, Wagyu truffle, pork belly. Also on the menu is Asian-inspired bowls, nibbles and seaweed or Toyko salads.

Just pursuing the names of the cocktails is sheer fun at The Bao. Examples:  Shocuthinkyouknowme; Respect The Geisha; Rock You Like A Curricane (contains curry syrup) and Ancho Curious?

14 N. Central

Every meal at The Crossing starts with a blue cheese soufflé. The European-flaired menu combines French and Italian influences and techniques with local produce, vegetables and meats -- offered through unique tasting menus or dine ala carte. The staff likes to indicate that they "find complexity in the simple" while creating distinctive dishes. Popular lunch item are The Crossing's beet salad and housemade pastas. Evening tasting menu items consist of four courses, including dessert, plus two available wine flights. 

When asked to define of The Crossing, Owner/Executive Chef Jim Fiala often says that he's a chef who buys locally whenever possible and cooks as any French and/or Italian chef would, given the ingredients sourced.

7823 Forsyth Blvd.

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