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Kick off your child’s style journey with clothing and accessories from DuValls Boutique

When attending an event, you want to look your best—it doesn’t matter what age you are. That’s why DuValls Boutique is prepared for your children’s birthday party, wedding, and school dance needs. It achieves this by promising items from exclusive brands that don’t tear on the first wear, don’t fade on the first wash, and you won’t find in any chain store.

“Stella M’Lia is a brand specifically for special occasion wear for girls ages eight to 16. With locations in places like New York, LA, Atlanta, London, and Sydney, DuValls is honored to be the only store in Texas to carry this amazing line,” says owner Lauren Martin. “We are also proud to announce our partnership with Psycho Bunny, a popular men’s line typically found in Dillard’s and Nordstrom. They created a boy’s line that we are the sole official retailer of in the Central Texas area.”

No matter which designer your child wears, the clothing from DuValls is sure to be a staple in their closet. When it comes to back-to-school shopping, Martin’s best advice is to invest in items for year-round wear and add a couple of trendy pieces that really pop.

“Due to the nature of the fashion industry in general, you are typically buying two to three seasons ahead of time. That being said, designers work very hard to forecast what they believe will be the next fashion craze or look of the season,” says Martin. “We are working with clothing lines whose staples tend to be classic, higher-quality, natural fabrics like 100% bamboo and 100% Peruvian Pima cotton.”

For parents and caretakers, helping children establish a unique sense of style early on is part of the job. When you buy purposeful pieces from DuValls, you are setting the foundation for their style.

Lauren Martin

DuValls Boutique Owner

Since the founding of DuValls in 2022, Lauren Martin has been a champion of kids expressing themselves through clothing and accessories. Her day-to-day is spent looking for the next big things that customers will love. Martin finds that, in today’s society, one of the largest problems we see in children is a lack of comfort, confidence, and awareness of who they are as individuals. She overcomes this problem with fashion-forward pieces of unmatched quality. By offering one-of-a-kind selections for newborns through tweens, DuValls is there for every part of your child’s life to make them feel fabulous.


SHOP IN-STORE: 109 S Highway 183, Leander