Adjusting to the New Year

Learning more about chiropractic care with Dr. Bryce Hill.

Health is one of the most popular New Year's Resolutions. People want to exercise more, eat healthier, or drink less. But what about caring for your spine? I sat down with Bryce Hill from ChiroWay Chiropractic to learn more about what to expect from your next chiropractic appointment.

What is ChiroWay Chiropractic?

ChiroWay is a chiropractic clinic that does adjustments to the spine. A chiropractic adjustment is when chiropractors apply controlled, sudden pressure to a joint in order to improve its motion or function. The Eagan location opened in March of 2022, although the business itself is older.

"ChiroWay was founded in 2010," says Bryce. "The chiropractor who founded it had a vision of multiple centers working together to serve the most people possible."

Not everyone is familiar with chiropractors. Bryce encourages people who are curious about or wary of chiropractors to learn more about the field. "Look up what a chiropractor actually is. Look up all the benefits that can be achieved: sleep, digestion, healthy immunity, overall balance, consciousness of the body." Having a healthy spine should not be taken for granted.

Who should see a chiropractor?

"Anyone with a spine," says Bryce. "Only 12% of the population sees a chiropractor right now. We want to change that."

Although most people only visit a chiropractor when they're experiencing a problem, according to Bryce, the best time to stop by is "before you're in pain. When we're in pain, all we can think about is getting out of pain—that's what your whole life revolves around. Be proactive rather than reactive. Go to a chiropractor before things get bad."

What can customers expect from an appointment?

During your first appointment, "We get to know you," says Bryce. "It's 45 minutes. There's a consultation, an exam, and an adjustment. We get everything we need, paperwork-wise, to make sure you're suitable for care."

Once the first appointment has been completed, the schedule is much more flexible. "After that, you'll never have to make another appointment again," says Bryce. "Come in when the office is open, sign in at the front door, and grab a table. We'll get you adjusted and you can go on with your life. Everybody's busy. We're here—come in when it works for you."

After your adjustment, you'll feel an "instant impact," says Bryce. "As chiropractors, we feel those muscles that are overworked from stress. We see the difference immediately in people's emotions, well-being, and attitude for the day. Everyone leaves in a better mood than when they came in and people are hopefully less stressed."

What should people do to maintain spine health?

"Posture," says Bryce. "But posture is tough. You don't know that you have incorrect posture until it becomes an issue."

Maintaining correct posture can be even more difficult for people living fast-paced lives. "Everybody is busy and not always focusing on their posture," Bryce says. "If you can, take time to correct as best you can: put your shoulders back, and if you work at a desk every day, try to create a standing desk or get up and walk around for 5 minutes every hour."

It can be challenging to form a new habit in the workplace, but the value of a healthy spine cannot be understated.

"Bring consciousness away from work and to your body," says Bryce. "Take care of yourself. You only get one spine—take care of the spine you have."

What is your New Year's Resolution?

"I want to serve the masses of Eagan," says Bryce. "I want to get to know as many people as possible, make as many connections, and better the community. When we can take stress away, the community can grow as a whole. I want to help as many people as humanly possible."

Visit chiroway.com to learn more.

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