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Be Chocolat's Sylvie and Benoit Fortin

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Run, Don’t Walk to the Sublime Chocolate Atelier, Be Chocolat

Article by Dana Epstein Altman

Photography by Abby Cole

Originally published in Fairfield Lifestyle

There’s chocolate and then there’s Belgian chocolate. Once you experience the latter, chances are you’ll no longer be satisfied with the former. Enter … Be Chocolate. One step inside this beautiful chocolate atelier—the smell alone is divinely heavenly—and you’ll instantly be transported to chocolate nirvana. The Belgian kind.  

When Belgian-born, Benoit Racquet, followed his passion for chocolate and became a Master Belgian Chocolatier in Brussels, he had no idea his “hobby” would lead to being hand selected for the World Chocolate Expo in Shanghai. Sixteen years later, Benoit and his marketing-minded wife, Sylvie, are the proud purveyors of Be Chocolate in Greenfield Hill. This darling duo has been sharing their authentic love for luxurious, mouth-watering, curated chocolate for over two years—and the community is lining up in droves.

Just like the exquisite taste of local artisan chocolatier shops in Brussels, Be Chocolate uses only the finest Callebaut Fairtrade chocolate exclusively. Every single piece of chocolate is handmade in small batches to maintain the subtleness of the exceptional ingredients. Innovatively unique pairings such as Rosemary Raspberry and Cinnamon Cardamom Cayenne, join traditional menu favorites such as Double Dark and Peppermint. Seasonal items for fall are in high demand, including Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Orange, Chai, and Caramel Apple Cider. And if that wasn’t enough to tantalize your tastebuds, Be Chocolate is also known for their to-die-for Belgian coffee and their weekend-only, made-to-order, Belgian waffles. Yum and yum.

And if all this coveted chocolate wasn’t enough, Be Chocolate has something else special for us to devour. New on the menu is their handmade ice cream made from the same small-bath ingredients used for their chocolates: crunchy Biscoff cookies from Belgium, grass-fed Vermont butter for salted caramel, and they even process their own honey-roasted peanut butter mixed with milk chocolate. And yes, if you’re lucky enough to score a Belgian waffle on the weekend, you can absolutely enjoy it with a scoop on top. 

Even though both Benoit and Sylvie hail from Belgium, they’ve quickly matriculated into the community and can be found connecting with their neighbors and friends on curated collaborations, events, and partnerships. And because we had to know, when asked each of their personal favorite flavors, both Benoit and Sylvie share the same: for chocolate, it’s the Rosemary Raspberry and for ice cream, it’s the Biscoff. Something tells us you can’t go wrong with any of their intoxicating offerings.

  • Be Chocolat's Sylvie and Benoit Fortin