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Chris Montes

Liver Recipient

At just 4 years old, Chris Montes was diagnosed with liver disease, resulting in a childhood full of medication and doctors. Although his parents continuously monitored his health in hopes that his condition would improve, his greatest challenges lay ahead. At age 17, a bacterial infection caused Chris’ health to deteriorate so rapidly that he was in critical condition and in desperate need of a liver transplant. Thanks to the generosity of an organ donor, Chris received the liver he so urgently needed. Following his successful transplant surgery, Chris’ health began improving radically, allowing him to play baseball again, enjoy family, spend time with friends and travel. These days, Chris is pursuing a nursing degree with hopes of attending medical school. Chris is grateful for the gift of life that he received and his family’s unconditional love, as well as his belief that only faith can help you through the difficult times.

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