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So many drinks to choose from!

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Holiday Classic Feasts

Ease Holiday Stress by Considering One of These Divine Restaurants

Family has gathered, lights are twinkling, and cooler weather is creeping upon us! While holidays bring memories to last a lifetime, there can be moments of stress creating the perfect dinner. Fortunately, three of our favorite restaurants, Local Table, Butler House, and Fieldings, have graciously offered to disclose some of their holiday classics. I must warn you though, after reading these delicious holiday meals your mouth will be watering!

First up for tasty meals is Local Table. On their holiday menu, they have seasonal favorites like fire-roasted Brussels sprouts and a green bean casserole made with a house-made roasted mushroom Anaheim sauce. It has a bold and creamy flavor with a little kick to help elevate the traditional dish. Available from November 1st through December 31st, Local Table’s holiday spread contains all of the deliciously desired favorites: Oven Roasted Turkey, Honey Glazed Ham, cornbread stuffing, seasonal pies, and more!  And if you just want something simple, Local Table offers a la carte options as well. A truly special service is the Holiday Meal sets which are individually packaged meals perfect for corporate customers who want to do something special for their employees. If you’re looking for a beautiful dining room experience, Local Table also has a gorgeous private room! They offer either a pre-fixed menu or they can do a holiday spread in a buffet style where guests can build their plate however they desire. Lastly, they also have a special holiday offer on gift cards. If you spend $50 on a gift card, then you get $10, and if you spend $100, you get $20. It’s a win-win!

Next on the list of divine eats is the Butler House off of Gosling, just North of 99. You might have already seen this striking white house with its large outdoor patio. Modeled after owner Bryan’s home in Butler, Pennsylvania, he and his wife, Marina, wanted to bring a cozy and intimate piece of home with them to Texas. If you’re looking for an atmosphere big on family and community, Butler House contains all that and more. On their menu, they have an entire page from the owners that explains the story of The Butler House and how it became a community favorite. Currently, they are offering items on their fall menu, and will soon offer items on their winter menu. Executive chef, Jairo Ramirez, is very particular that the winter menu only be released on the first day of winter. So, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for its release! While they do not promote specific Christmas packs, they do have the ability to cater and provide a Christmas dinner to order. If catering at home doesn’t sound like your ideal gathering, they also have a variety of spaces that can easily host all your Christmas gatherings.

Last but absolutely not least is Fieldings. Neither of the two Woodlands locations will disappoint with their perfectly crafted food, drinks, and intimate atmosphere. They not only create their own bread, pasta, and vinaigrettes, but they also cure and smoke their own bacon. Nothing is reheated and everything is fresh.  And if that isn’t enough, they have gorgeous craft cocktails to match the holiday seasons! One of the most popular items Fieldings has on their holiday menu is their Fairytale Pumpkin Soup which is made with the Fairytale pumpkin because of its delicious flavor. This classic is known to sell out quickly! They also have a full catering division for the holiday season which offers a large menu of 15 hors d’œuvres, tenderloin, pork ribs, and several other delicious items. If cooking isn’t your style, Fieldings will be open to offer a Christmas Day brunch and dinner to share the holiday with you! And, not only does Fieldings provide us with delectable meals, but they also have their own products such as hand scrubs with sugar and hand wash! It’s a perfect way to not only grab your Christmas dinner but also any last-minute gifts! Also, before you leave, make sure to check their event calendar on their website as they will be having a very special event with Master Sommelier Jack Mason. You will not be disappointed!

They not only create their own bread, pasta, and vinaigrettes, but they also cure and smoke their own bacon. Nothing is reheated and everything is fresh at Fieldings. 

  • A gorgeous view of The Butler House
  • The Butler House's indoor patio space.
  • Decorated for your next event!
  • Beautiful and classic details
  • Turkey as an option for feasting
  • Ham as another divine option
  • Cheers!
  • A beautifully crafted cocktail
  • It's almost magical!
  • Almost too pretty to drink!
  • Simple yet elegant decorations
  • An intricate Gingerbread House!
  • An intimate room for private events.
  • Local Table's gorgeous inside
  • A cute sign in Local Table!
  • So many drinks to choose from!
  • Wonderful holiday catering options from Local Table.

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