Christmas Memories

Hear from three local families as they share their favorite Christmas memories and traditions

Merry Christmas! Christmas is a time when we can spend meaningful hours and days with family and friends as we resurrect older family traditions and memories while we create new ones for the future. In my home, our family, both near and far, gather together to watch our favorite Christmas movies as we build collapsing gingerbread houses and bake tons of Christmas treats! Festivities continue on from the first light until the day comes to an end. Here are three local families who’ve also decided to share their precious Christmas memories and traditions with us!

Senator Lee and Donna Anderson

Every year on Christmas Eve, our family would gather, and this always included Lee’s mom and dad! Even after Lee’s mom passed away, Lee’s dad came over for every Christmas, and every year he would tell the kids the story of Christmas by heart, scripture by scripture. Everyone would hang on his every word, and you could hear a pin drop. It would end with the most wonderful prayer and the kids would dress as the three wise men. That was the heart of our Christmases. He passed away in 2009 but continued that up until 2008. It was just so special to us!

Pastor Will Dyer

The Christmas Eve service at FBC Augusta is one of my favorite moments during the holiday season. We sing the songs of Christmas and read the Nativity story from the Gospel of Luke. At the end, everyone raises their lit candle into the air as we sing the final verses of Silent Night. I stand at the front of the Sanctuary and look out to see thirteen hundred candles raised while voices proclaim the goodness of God. That moment never ceases to amaze me. It is a poignant reminder of the heart of Christmas. That because of the birth of Christ, the light has shone into the darkness, and the world has forever been changed.

Amy Breitmann

Our daughter, Shelby, was born on Christmas morning. When she was three, our church began to light candles during the song “Silent Night.” Shelby asked me, innocently, “Are they all going to sing Happy Birthday to me?” I softly replied. “No, honey. We are going to sing to Jesus first.” Shelby was our best Christmas gift and a true miracle as I was facing ovarian cancer at the same time she was born. We both survived and now savor every Christmas memory. She has always cherished sharing the day with Jesus and so have we!

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