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Style and home décor are often mistaken for superficial pursuits – after all, caring about how things look can seem shallow. However, curating the perfect home is not just an exercise in frivolity, rather, it can be an act of self-care. Interior designer Albert Hadley said it best when he mused, “Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.” 

Fortunately for Murfreesboro’s well-being, many local businesses can provide home products and services to do just that. One such stand-out is City Tile & Floor Covering Co., which has been dedicated to styling Murfreesboro for over sixty-five years.

City Tile specializes in carpet, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, laminates, hardwood, rugs, standard vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles, and more. And if you’ve watched enough fixer-upper shows, you’re well aware of how transformational new flooring and tile can be. Transforming a home with City’s Tile’s products and services is something that brings owner Andrew Young immense joy. “A home is one of the biggest purchases a family makes; I love helping clients make their dreams come true by helping every step of the way.”  

Perhaps Young enjoys serving the community so much because he’s very much a part of it. He was born and raised locally and is now raising his own family here. And for him, the flooring business is a family affair; he started working in the family flooring business in high school – starting in the warehouse and working his way up. He credits his father as his greatest mentor, saying he, “taught me everything I know.” 

The staff, who Young calls, ‘the backbone of the company,’ have become like family too. Many of the installers who currently work with City Tile have worked with them for upwards of twenty years. That kind of longevity in a business partnership speaks to the kind of family environment that Young has fostered. 

Young boasts of a talented and hard-working staff. And for good reason. Peruse City Tile’s online reviews and customer testimonials, and you’ll find endless praise for the staff’s excellent customer service, who strive to go above and beyond expectations. 

It’s no wonder then, why the business has been around for more than sixty-five years. And you might make the mistake of thinking that a flooring company that’s been around since the nineteen fifties may not have as much of a pulse on the latest trends in interior design. But Young is very aware of modern designs and styles. “Flooring trends that we are currently seeing are in the lighter, more modern tones. A lot of clients are picking subway tiles for their backsplash and showers. Also, they are understanding the value and durability of laminate flooring, which is extremely popular!” 

In addition to offering a wide variety of product options (they have the largest showroom in middle Tennessee), from the mainstays that never go out of style to the hottest new trends, there’s a certain level of expertise that comes with over half a decade in the business. Sure, you could find similar offerings at big box stores, but the knowledge and consultative abilities of City Tile are truly unparalleled. 

One client attested to this expert knowledge in his testimonial, describing his experience in working with a restoration company to address some water damage that occurred when a water pipe burst in his ceiling. Though the mitigation company was able to remove the moisture from the flooring, they ran into some roadblocks when they couldn’t answer questions for the insurance agency. The company, utterly baffled, gave up, so the customer went to Young’s team at City Tile and they immediately supplied the much-needed knowledge and expertise to resolve the issue. And his story is just one of many glowing testimonials.

It’s eminently clear that, in its multiple decades of serving Murfreesboro, City Tile is a family business that provides exceptional products, customer service, and expertise. So go ahead and transform your home into the place that inspires you and nourishes your well-being. City Tile, a local legacy, stands at the ready to make your dreams come true.

"A home is one of the biggest purchases a family makes; I love helping clients make their dreams come true by helping every step of the way."

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