Civil Provisions & Bar

A Touch of Rustic Civilized Charm, Poised to Redefine Signal Mountain’s Dining Scene

Article by Eve Robles

Photography by Emily Bigham Unkle, Tim Moore & WanderMoore Photography

Originally published in Chattanooga City Lifestyle

It is no secret that Signal Mountain offers stunning views with access to outdoor adventure. Now, this quaint town is setting its mark on the culinary scene with the opening of Civil Provisions and Bar.  Making its debut in July, Jason Bowers, co-owner of other Chattanooga staples like The Bitter Alibi, The Daily Ration and Clever Alehouse, added Civil Provisions and Bar to his culinary repertoire.  

“Having been in Chattanooga for ten years, I have seen this city grow substantially and I really wanted to invest in the community.  It is important to me that we are community-oriented and that has always been a core focus for all my restaurants,” Bowers explained.  “With any place in town, I find what the community needs and strive to be that spot for them.” 

So, when Bowers discovered that the former Italian Hummingbird Pastaria was set to close, he decided to repurpose this local hub for the community.  “We are really just trying to take the place of a business that had been there for so long. Everyone did everything from their birthday parties to graduation parties there. It always felt like a place where multiple generations could come in and hang out. So we want to keep that, but grow.”

Civil Provisions aims to pair fresh high-quality food with equally high-quality wines and cocktails, making it one of the few cocktail bars in the Signal Mountain area.  Currently offering an abbreviated menu, Bowers told us, “We wanted to start small so that we could perfect the dishes. The vision long-term is a seasonal menu with a pan-Mediterranean influence.  I want to be able to gather all different influences, from Spanish and Italian to Mediterranean and beyond, and provide those plates to guests.  We don’t want to only be known for one specific genre of cuisine.”  

With culinary creativity and rotational offerings, Bowers plans to keep staples on the menu while giving guests an opportunity to try new flavors they otherwise may not have experienced.  This culinary exploration is an “open-ended influence so that our guests continue to be excited about spending time here.”   And it is this cuisine fluidity that provides an element of surprise for its patrons. “It is nice that people can come in and be surprised by what we offer.”  In addition to the delectable food, Civil Provisions proudly boasts a meticulously curated beverage menu that includes wine, cocktails and mocktails. 

Upon entering Civil Provisions and Bar, guests are met with an intimate ambiance. From the outdoor patio to the walk-up white-topped bar, the thoughtful design invites its guests to feel immediately at home. With stellar reviews across multiple platforms, Civil Provisions is quickly becoming a local favorite.  “I see Signal Mountain as a strong community that likes to support each other.  Opening a restaurant in a community like this feels like a personal one.  The amount of people who have visited and shared praises and gratitude for doing this, is so much more than a one-way relationship.”  Bowers continued, “The staff is wonderful and care so much.  They put so much time into curating the culinary and beverage offerings.”  The knowledgeable and attentive staff round off the quality service offered to every guest.  Intimate and welcoming, the entire dining experience makes for a perfect place to bring family, have a date night, celebrate a milestone or to simply have an exceptional dining experience. 

Now offering catering services for all private event sizes, Civil Provisions goes even further by providing bar service options.  “In addition to food services, within our restaurant group, we have full bar services.  So, we have the ability to provide beer, wine, and cocktails at events throughout Chattanooga.  We also partner with other local restaurants to help provide our guests with the best catering experience.”  No scale is too large or small for private events, making catering with Civil Provisions a complete service offering for its clientele.

As for the future, Bowers has exciting plans for Civil Provisions.  In early October, monthly dinner experiences with intentional wine pairings will begin.  Bowers notes, “This private evening event will have a full-time wine steward and bring in local chefs to offer new cuisine with wine pairings from reserve bottles.  This will be a relaxing environment where guests can learn about wine while enjoying some delicious food.” Additionally, Bowers has plans to utilize the old pizza ovens from the former restaurant to make homemade bread. And as for any hints at culinary additions, patrons will look forward to, Bowers plans to create a scratch kitchen and noted a possible addition of marine cuisine.  “Seafood is something that we do not get to experience much of here in Chattanooga.  I am currently working with distributors to bring fresh seafood so that we can provide that to our customers. We want to be able to keep the food as local and regional as possible and it allows us to continue to be creative.” With keen attention to detail that serves its patrons now, the future of Civil Provisions and Bar promises to consistently offer something new.

When asked to describe Civil Provisions, Bowers poignantly noted that above all else “I would say–welcoming and intentional. Everything that has gone into this is for the people. This community.  And it is important that that comes across. We want it to feel refined without being stuffy.  I want people to visit and feel that this is a place they will continue to come to.” And just as Jason Bowers feels the community rallying around Civil Provisions, he too wants the community to know that this special place is here to become a part of this mountain family. “There is something really special up here. And we are glad to be a part of it.”

There is no question that with a passion for culinary innovation and a commitment to using the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, Civil Provisions and Bar is set to be a haven for food enthusiasts and a gathering place for the community.

Everything that has gone into this is for the people. This community. I want people to visit and feel that this is a place they will continue to come to.

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