Claire Ownby of Ownby Design

Design can define our homes. Whether it's the shapes and colors that attract or the clean lines and upscale touches, interior design brings individual tastes to the surface and sets a home alight with personal touches and strokes of innovation.

Ownby Design is a highly sought after interior design firm in the heart of Scottsdale. An industry leader, Ownby's mission is to deliver a flawless product that is a true reflection of the client’s vision, striving to transform everyday living spaces into one-of-a-kind indulgences. Ownby uses a fusion of minimalism and lavishness coupled with a commitment to detail and budget-saving efficiency to create an oasis for each client.

Principal Designer Claire Ownby and her team have been recognized with numerous industry and community awards for residential designs in both Arizona and the Hawaiian Islands, by continually delivering beautiful and functional spaces that reach beyond expectations.

Claire received her education in Interior Design from Arizona State University and Scottsdale Community College. While serving in apprenticeships with Scottsdale based residential and commercial design firms, Ownby rediscovered her talent and passion for luxurious interiors. She formed Ownby after finishing an internship with a custom home builder who combined architecture and interiors during the height of the housing boom of the early 2000s. Being given the opportunity to run several large scale projects, she was able to build credibility and start her own firm with ease.

"What sets Ownby apart, is our deep knowledge of construction. We also have vast experience and unique style because of the youthfulness of our firm," Ownby said. 

Ownby went on to explain that Scottsdale is very special because it is a melting pot, which in turn makes it a melting pot of design styles, "Many of our clients have us work on their second and third homes, and they are looking for something altogether unique and true to the local feel of the area. They want something they cannot find anywhere else. We like to call this style 'Desert Modern', and that is our specialty."

Speaking to specific homes Ownby and her team have worked on, she says they approach each with a similar strategy known as 'Repetition of Material'.

"We like to take a palette and repeat it throughout the entire house. We choose a neutral palette that is calming in nature which allows the client's personality to really shine in his or her home as they express themselves with the artwork pieces that inspire them."

Ownby says she always draws inspiration for projects from the surrounding natural environment. Whether that be the desert, rock out-croppings, or Camelback Mountain; allowing the natural esthetic to speak to the inside of the client's home is an essential tool in designing the interior. 

"Every client can expect a process that is exquisitely orchestrated. We will walk them through every detail of the process, so they can enjoy what building or renovating a home should be. It should be an exciting process of expression of oneself. We take a very systematic approach with the design process, taking the lead to help guide our clients through a detailed process (which can ordinarily feel overwhelming), so our clients can actually enjoy the journey into their new home."

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