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Classic and Elegant Couture

Beautiful Designs And Comfortable Pieces For Spring And All Year Round

Michelle Garcia loves creating beautiful things. She’s been designing jewelry for almost 15 years and has recently expanded into fashion with Michelle Garcia Couture Clothing. “I was always interested in art and fashion and as soon as I could draw, I was drawing clothing,” she says. “I just never had the opportunity to pursue it until last year.”

Michelle and her life partner, Vincent Peach, travel to India often for Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry, which they operate together. “I was spending a lot of time in India and visiting all the fabric and textile houses, and the fabrics are just so unique, beautiful, and colorful,” she says. “And, the people there are amazing craftsmen so it was easy to get inspired.”

She is really proud of the quality of the fabrics in her pieces. “They are top quality that any big design house would use.”

Michelle’s designs are classic, pretty and comfortable. “This is not a trendy line,” she says. “These are elegant and timeless wardrobe staple items. I’ve taken some of my favorite classic elements of clothing, like a button up shirt, and turned it into a really flowy, long, beautiful dress. The jackets I design are classic cuts in silk blends. You can wear these pieces on a trip to Italy, Texas, or India.” She limits her production to small batches, so they’re quite unique.

“I recently designed this really gorgeous lightweight canary silk blend fabric which I’m using in jackets, vests and dresses. It has a pink interior and everybody's loving it. These silks blends are what I foresee people wearing and wanting especially in the spring and summer. I do a linen line for the spring, but all of my silks are going to be for year round. They're really versatile.”

Michelle and Vincent live on a farm in Kingston Springs with a menagerie of pets and other animals, including dogs, mini and full sized horses, and chickens. “We’re real animal lovers and love the lifestyle out here. We’re easily able to get into Nashville for work, but still have this wonderful sanctuary to come home to. We have a studio in the house as well, so we can work from home, spread out and just be creative.”

Michelle Garcia Couture Clothing can be found in both Vincent Peach Fine Jewelry stores in Nashville. She’s also currently scheduling trunk shows in other stores this year.