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Wasabi edamame

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The biggest critic of our homemade meals isn't our mother-in-law. It's our sweet, darling kids. The slightest speck of green, composition of food plating, or even just the texture of a vegetable will cause our critics to push the food away with turned-up noses and a poignant proclamation of "YUCK!!" Let's tap into that voice of a kid critic. These local kids visited area restaurants and shared their favorite food reviews.

Clara, 7, & Juliet, 2

Vitale's Deli, Glendale 

Clara: The olive spread is salty, delicious, and amazing. The bread is tasty and soft. You can pick anything you want on your sandwich, and Mr. Mike just makes it! He is one of my best friends.  

Juliet: You get to pick chippies and eat them. The meatballs are very, very, very, yummy every day. 

Emilio, 7

Wasabi Sushi Bar, Kirkwood

I like to eat at Wasabi because it is delicious. My favorite thing to eat is the Wasabi special roll. It's kind of sweet. I like the middle part of the crab, cucumber, and avocado the best. It has a fun, crunchy topping. I love edamame! It is smooth, and I don't like salt on mine. I can eat two orders all by myself. If everyone tried sushi, they would like it because it's yummy.

Marion, 8, & Matthew, 4

Frisco Barroom, Webster Groves

Marion: Frisco is a fun place for kids and families. There's a patio in the back and an upstairs with rooftop tables and games. The cheeseburger is a 10/10. It's big, juicy, and has lots of flavor. I also like the pretzel appetizer with the cheese sauce because it's hot and salty. The Key lime pie is also super good! I ate my mom's whole piece!

Matthew: I give it a million hundred out of 10. My favorite food is the brie puff pastry. I ate the whole thing and didn't share. I like the deviled eggs because of the filling. And the French fries because they're salty. I also like that the room is black and has antlers on the wall. 

Addy, 9

Mission Taco Joint, Kirkwood

I like the kind waiters and the fun stickers on the poles, so when you come, bring one. Also, I like to play games; my favorite is skeeball. There is also great music. One thing I always get is queso con chorizo. The dip is salty because of the chip and spicy from the meat. It's only a little spicy. It feels like something hot is in your mouth. It's a great family dish. The BLT taco is spicy, crunchy, and juicy. If you like thick bacon, get this taco. The spicy chorizo taco is less spicy and won't make your mouth water. 

Daniel, 9

Billy G's, Kirkwood

I think the atmosphere in Billy G's is pretty good. It doesn't feel too fancy but not too casual. The flavors I had were a smoke flavor in the steak, and the steak felt mature with a deep taste. The other stuff on it also had a significant flavor. The textures I felt were a slimy feeling in the aioli, the onions were a little slippery, and the steak was mostly smooth. I think other people should try this because the flavors are really good and most people would enjoy it. 

Audrie, 11, & Jenna, 9 

Hello Juice, Kirkwood & Froyo, Webster

Jenna: When I take a bite into the smoothies at Hello Juice, it's like I'm biting into a colorful jungle. There's tons of fruit in the smoothies. Hello Juice tastes really good and is really good for you. All their fruit is fresh, and they also sell different foods like waffles and pancakes. There are many options to choose from, so you can get a different thing every day. Hello Juice is like a restaurant but better because all ingredients are natural. It isn't like any regular restaurant. It isn't as gag-y. (It doesn't make you gag.)

Audrie: I recommend visiting Froyo the next chance you get. When you walk in the door, you get the chance to make your perfect self-serve frozen yogurt. The flavors change year-round, so you get exposed to trying many new flavors! I love vanilla and strawberry kiwi mixed together with mango boba. The whole experience is so color-filled, and it has many great people working there.

Wendy, 11

Nathaniel Reid Bakery, Kirkwood

Going to Nathaniel Reid Bakery is fun because of its delicious food. My favorite thing is the "Ruby" dessert. It's very shiny with a red dome and is very soft and creamy with a chocolate taste. Another must-have is the "Amber" with its soft, creamy texture and caramel taste, shiny caramel color, and a gold flake on the top. Another good one is the "Guyana" with a chocolate flavor, a thin piece of chocolate with gold on top, and a crunchy bottom part. My least favorite is the "Margo," but it's still a good one with its crunchy pink macaron cookie and the light cream with raspberry flavor with raspberry jelly in the center. Those are some of my favorites, but there are so many more to try, so I hope you will try them.

  • Clara and Mike Vitale
  • Clara at Vitale's Deli, Glendale 
  • Juliet at Vitale's Deli, Glendale 
  • Clara, 7 & Juliet, 2 at Vitale's Deli, Glendale 
  • Wasabi special roll
  • Wasabi edamame
  • Wasabi's, Kirkwood - Emilio, 7
  • Wasabi's, Kirkwood - Emilio, 7
  • Frisco Barroom deviled eggs and brie puff pastry
  • Matthew, 4 at Frisco Barroom, Webster Groves
  • Marion, 8 at Frisco Barroom, Webster Groves
  • Hello Juice, Kirkwood - Jenna, 9
  • Nathaniel Reid's, Kirkwood - Wendy, 11
  • Nathaniel Reid's, Kirkwood - Wendy, 11
  • Nathaniel Reid Bakery
  • Wasabi's, Kirkwood - Emilio, 7
  • Mission Taco, Kirkwood - Addy, 9
  • Billy G's, Kirkwood - Daniel, 9