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Cleansing the Body, Cleansing the Soul

Northlake HydroColonic takes a holistic approach to feeling summer ready

Sometimes, the human holds on to built-up negative bacteria and toxins in the gut that aren’t always easy to remove. With summer here, it’s hard to feel comfortable in stylish warm-weather clothes and bathing suits when the body is bloated and sluggish.

Kristen Flanagan, the owner and founder of Northlake HydroColonic, says a safe, clean and effective way to rid the body of toxins and aid with gastrointestinal problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, is to receive a hydrocolonic. 

Flanagan personally has felt the benefits of having colon hydrotherapy. She has worked in healthcare for nearly 25 years and, after taking care of her grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s Disease, and her father, who was diagnosed with colon cancer, decided to help maintain her health by adding hydrocolonics and infrared sauna sessions to her regimen.

While she noticed changes in her gut health, Flanagan also saw how flushing out toxins had an overall effect on her entire body.

“The colonic system works all over,” Flanagan explained. “The largest organ on our body is the skin. After your first session, you will see a difference in your skin. During the summer, you’re out in the sun and eating food at barbecues. A hydrocolonic is beneficial as far as detoxing and helping your skin heal from sun exposure.”

A hydrocolonic is when filtered water is used to gently flush out the colon and get rid of waste that has accumulated in the body. Once a hydrocolonic removes toxins, the liver and kidneys function better and are more efficient in filtering waste, leading people to feel better and have more energy.

Flanagan created a soothing, refreshing environment at her practice to allow her clients to feel relaxed during their sessions. Though the procedure seems intimidating, Flanagan ensures that clients feel comfortable and at ease during their appointments.

“I want our setting to feel like, ‘This is your time,’” Flanegan said. “Just like when someone goes and gets their nails done or when anybody goes to get their hair done. That is your time.”

For first-time clients, Flanagan gives them a tour of her practice, which boasts of state-of-the-art Angel of Water systems that are made here in Texas. Clients are reclined comfortably in a large, sterilized tub and can spend anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes receiving their therapy at a very slow, gentle rate. 

Once the hydrocolonic is finished, Flanagan recommends using the far infrared sauna for the most successful results.

“The infrared sauna uses certain wavelengths to penetrate all the way down to the cell, even down to the mitochondria inside. It works with the hydrocolonic to heal your cells,” Flanagan explained. 

“There are different programs that people can choose from and the sauna programs itself for that selection. There's a weight loss program. There is a cardio program. There's an anti-aging muscle recovery. Chromatherapy is also involved, which uses the lights to change the colors for someone’s chakras for people who like to meditate.”

Other advantages of hydrocolonic and far infrared therapies include weight loss, improved heart health, boosted immunity and anti-aging benefits. 

“The clients who come in for aesthetic reasons make me laugh,” Flanagan said, laughing herself. “They say they need the bikini stomach because they're going to Belize. And when they come back from Belize, they say, ‘I need to get rid of everything I just ate.’”

Depending on a client’s needs, individuals can receive a hydrocolonic as often as once a week. Flanagan recommends hydrating and eating lightly before and after each session to keep the gut balanced and maintain the best effects. She offers hydrocolonic and sauna packages that cover all cleansing needs for the body, inside and out.

Northlake HydroColonic uses Vagaro Pay Later, Affirm Pay Later and takes FSA and HSA cards. Veterans receive 10% off of all services and packages, as well. Call 469-875-0322 or email to schedule an appointment.

“I want our setting to feel like, ‘This is your time.’”

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