Clearing the Air

Local family’s HVAC business has a special focus on improving indoor air quality.

Article by Christie Sounart

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Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle

A typical American spends most of their time indoors. And, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air they are breathing inside can be two to five times worse than outside air. 

Cynthia Perez and Benjamin Flores experienced this firsthand when they moved their family of five to Colorado five years ago. Their middle son, who has asthma, began experiencing worse symptoms in the dry climate. Benjamin began researching indoor air quality and what improves it. 

“We realized the importance of having UV lights, polarized media air cleaners and a HEPA filter system,” said Cynthia. “It minimizes those symptoms.”

Benjamin worked in the heating and air conditioning industry for 15 years when the family lived in Florida before relocating to Colorado. But he hadn’t focused on indoor air quality in his work. 

“Here in Colorado, indoor air quality, because of the dry air combined with airborne dirt flying around, can really aggravate respiratory health,” Benjamin said. 

Their son’s symptoms subsided with the installation of new air purification systems. 

The couple decided to continue to work in air quality with the HVAC company they started two years ago, Aire Serv. In addition to offering services and products related to heating and air conditioning, they also offer services involving humidifiers, UV lights, polarized media cleaners and HEPA filters, which remove many harmful pollutants in the air. 

“This is a business that is not easily sold because people usually don’t call until there’s a problem,” said Cynthia, a media professional who handles the operations side of the business. “When you can install a system knowing that it can make a customer’s quality of life better, that’s awesome.” 

The first thing someone should look for to determine their air quality is inspecting their vents and filters in their house, said Cynthia. If they are dirty or clogged, it’s an indication there are pollutants in the air and it may be slowing down their heating and air conditioning system, for instance, or can be allowing viruses or allergens into the home. Carpeting and pets also increase the chances of harmful air particles. 

The Flores-Perez family started their small business to help people feel comfortable in their indoor spaces. They are based in Frederick, Colorado, and serve clients in Brighton, Erie, Frederick, Dacono, Firestone, and Broomfield. 

“We built this with our heart and soul,” Cynthia said. “But at the end of the day, we do this for the community.” 

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