Modern Garage Restorations

Transforming old storage spaces into showroom functionality with beauty and style

Home improvement is a never-ending process. New designs, improved materials, repurposed space – all these things and more can add style and value to the family home.

Since homebuilding began, there have been several improvement projects which have proven to be particularly popular with homeowners across the country. Closet upgrades, bathroom retrofits and kitchen redesigns top the list, with each improvement known to increase home utility and resale value.

However, despite the wide range of remodeling projects, one area of the home seems to have always been overlooked – the garage. Traditionally, most garages have been relegated to just being places to park vehicles and store tools and outdoor equipment.

Recently, garages have begun to receive much-needed attention from remodelers and homeowners. Spawned in part by the “man cave” and “she shed” trends, the humble vehicle storage area has found a new lease on life. Indeed, today’s garages are increasingly being transformed into extended living areas. While storage remains the dominant use for the space, it is now storage with style.

“Although the trend is a relatively recent phenomenon for many homeowners, we have actually been doing garage remodeling projects since 2000,” says Sandra Sokol, owner of Closets by Design of Nashville, Middle Tennessee’s leader in optimized storage solutions. 

After spending years viewing garages through the filter of vehicle and tool storage, many homeowners are unaware of the many different design options available for space transformation.

“Most redesign projects begin with the installation of custom cabinets,” says Sandra. “In our factory in Franklin, we manufacture our own cabinetry, including tall floor units, work benches, upper storage bins and rolling cabinets. By building our own cabinets, we can ensure that they are perfect dimensions for each garage.”

One of Closet by Design’s most popular cabinetry lines is their proprietary Silver II collection.

“The Silver II cabinets and accessories are crafted in black and silver colored materials,” says Sandra. “The modern color scheme coupled with special finishes give the Silver II line a sleek, industrial appearance, which is perfect for many customer garages.”

Along with cabinet replacement, Closets by Design also offers other storage upgrades, including their Design Wall coverings, which provide additional hardware and accessories for storing yard, gardening, sport and leisure items. They can also provide custom garage flooring solutions for further enhancing garage appearance and utility.

Homeowners seeking to upgrade their garages are often uncertain as to how to begin their projects. Fortunately, Sandra and her team make the process simple and painless.

“We begin every project by providing an in-home assessment during which we will discuss customer preferences and options,” says Sandra. “Subsequently, we will measure, design and price the project – all during the same appointment. If the client is ready to move forward, we will complete the contracts and assign an installation date at the same time.”

As with all Closets by Design projects, customers are involved from start to finish.

“We want our clients to be fully involved in the design and pricing process,” says Sandra. “We encourage them to pick and choose all options, which enables them to establish their own budgets. All in all, it is a very comfortable and fun process for both our clients and our designers.”

To prepare for the project implementation, homeowners will need to temporarily clean out their garages of any boxes, tubs and other items taking up storage space. These items can be returned to the garage as soon as the cabinet and/or flooring installation is complete, which usually takes just one day.

Depending upon the size and complexity of the project, most projects can go from approval to completion within just a few weeks. Immediately thereafter, homeowners can begin to enjoy the storage and increased home value arising from their upgraded garage.

Closets by Design of Nashville

"All these things can add style and value to the family home."

"Customers are involved from start to finish."

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