Closets Designed for Your Life-"Style"

Functional and Beautiful Spaces for all your Fashion Needs

When you have a lot of great clothes, you also need an amazing closet that will keep them organized and that will work for your lifestyle. If this closet is also a place that exudes luxury and beauty, all the better.

Thiessen Design & Construction in Topeka can custom build the right closet for your needs, using high-quality materials, lighting and those little extras that can make a big difference. The main focus of the design process involves asking a lot of questions, such as, Are you someone who likes to fold their clothes or do you prefer to hang them? How many pair of shoes do you have? Do you travel often?

“We make sure that the overall design accommodates exactly how that specific homeowner functions,” says the owner, Tammy Thiessen. For example, for those who prefer to fold most of their clothes, she and her team will include more built-in dressers with drawers.

Adequate shoe storage is often a big issue in most closets. “You don’t want them cluttered on the floor, so we're able to use the square footage people have and design it in a more efficient way to accommodate footwear by using angled shoe shelves,” she says.

For people who like to travel, she and her team like to include an island big enough to hold a suitcase. This makes it much more convenient to pack items right in your closet instead of carrying them into another room. A valet rod is another helpful addition. “People use this rod during packing to see what they have before loading it all into a suitcase, or if they’re the type of person who wants to set their outfit out for the next day.”

A pull out built-in laundry bin is also a plus. Homeowners just open it up, throw in their dirty clothing and then pull it out when it's laundry day. There’s no need to have additional hampers taking up space in the bathroom or elsewhere. Other features she thinks are important to include in every closet are a full length mirror and a bench or stool so people can sit down to put on their shoes.

Great lighting in closets is not only important for functionality, but can also add some glamour. This is why Tammy loves using sparkling chandeliers and other amazing light fixtures.  

Many people may think their closet is too small for a makeover or it will cost too much money, but there are products now such as melamine that look great, are durable, and cost a lot less than custom wood cabinetry. “This is a nice in-between product that still allows you to have doors and drawers and use a lot of accessories like valet rods,” she says. For those who want to spend a little more, they can have more upscale additions such as crown molding.

“Stress levels go down if you feel like you have a place for everything and can keep things organized,” says Tammy. “I feel like it helps you function so much better in all areas of your life.”

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