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Clothes Cleaning Tips for Guys

Entrepreneurial Owner of Mobile Laundry Delivery Service Shares Advice

Some people believe half the battle of looking fashionable is anchoring themselves with crisp, neatly presented wardrobes.

Kelly Webster launched Concierge Cleaners in 2018 because he wanted to offer a service that was convenient and helpful to the many people relocating to or visiting Nashville. The concept of fast, friendly and professional laundry and dry cleaning services took off, and now he handles pickups and drop-offs for clothing, uniforms and linens. 

"I like to think of it as a quality laundry service at my clients' doorsteps," Kelly says.

As a mobile delivery provider, Kelly partners with a dry cleaning and laundry company. 

Based on what he sees day to day, he suggests for the best returns on investments that guys really focus on keeping their trousers and button-down shirts in the best shape they can. He says using a lint ball on trousers is a good idea. Additionally, washing brand-new clothes with a little salt during the first wash cycle helps set the dye and resists fading, he adds. 

"One big step that really helps is to sort clothes properly so they don't bleed during washing," he says. "I also recommend routinely checking the hems of pants to see if they're falling apart."

Regarding dark stains in shirts, Kelly advises dabbing stains with lemon juice until the shirts can be cleaned thoroughly. He warns not to rub the stained area, however, as that will damage the fibers of clothes and spread the stain.

"And when dry cleaning, be sure to pick an eco-friendly cleaner, because certain chemicals can wear down clothing while also irritating your skin," Kelly says. 

Kelly's also working on a clothing app for his mobile service so clients, who also are on the go, can receive notifications when their orders are ready and Kelly is on his way to deliver them.

Concierge Cleaners owner Kelly Webster say his team works closely with clients to customize their services to specific laundry or dry cleaning needs and circumstances. "We’re willing to go the extra mile whenever and wherever we’re needed," he assures.