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Club Pilates Cultivates A Strong, Confident Community

Article by Savannah J. Yost

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Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

Jan Grover got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she transitioned to self-employment five years ago.  

For years, Jan worked as an outside sales representative for health and wellness companies. But in 2016, when her employer decided to downsize, she was faced with a choice: should she pursue other work as a sales rep, or step into an entirely different opportunity?  

She chose the latter, which, as it turns out, is very fortunate for us. 

Today Jan is the owner of Club Pilates in Frederick and Germantown, and she is helping to transform lives every day.  

Jan holds an MBA in business and a 500 Hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification, A Barre Above Certification with Pilates Focus, and Myofascial Release Certification.  

If you get to know Jan, you’ll find that she invested in much more than just the business side of things. She invested in her own physical training, and she invested in community.

Pilates wasn’t new to Jan, who had come to experience the low-impact activity in the past because of her daughter, who is a dancer. Pilates had been a natural way for the two of them to connect.

Pilates is a system of low-impact exercises that focuses on the core of the body. This includes the abdomen, back, thighs, glutes and pelvic floor. Pilates develops core strength, flexibility, coordination and improved posture. It emphasizes balance and creates long, lean muscle throughout the entire body. (And who wouldn’t want that?) 

But the experience isn’t a solo one. Joining Club Pilates means joining a community.  

“Community. That’s actually the thing I’m most proud of,” smiles Jan. “You might not have walked in with friends, but you’ll leave with friends.” 

There’s a group who goes out to dinner after their Tuesday night classes. There are people who have found a “second family.” Although the focus of pilates is a physical one, the emotional connection is inevitable.  

People from different walks of life come into the studio and can choose a suitable style of instruction, one that fits their specific needs.

“When members come into our studio, they know that those 50 minutes are just for them,” says Jan.  

Each class brings “a sense of grounding and control that is unlike any other fitness class. You leave feeling calmer, stronger, taller and more balanced,” says Amber, a Club Pilates member. “And you typically don’t realize how hard you’re working because you’re having such a great time!”  

Amber goes on to explain how amazed she is by the thousands of different moves that can be done among all the different pieces of equipment. The experience is mentally stimulating “because you never know what you’re going to be doing next!” she exclaims.  

Yet, the instructors are so skilled in teaching new moves that classes are not overwhelming or intimidating. Every technique can be modified for all kinds of fitness levels and injuries.  

When it comes to classes, you’ll never take the same one twice! While some classes focus on flexibility or core strength, for instance, others focus on cardio. Some members say that the energy of the Cardio Sculpt class feels like a club on a Saturday night!

Every quarter at Club Pilates, Jan tries to offer three different things—something social, a game and something educational. Every quarter, Club Pilates holds a member appreciation event of some type, which is often free, plus a workshop.  

Club Pilates is all about its members finding their rhythms and doing what is needed for their bodies. There are truly countless modifications for the different exercises so that everyBODY can participate.  

A longtime member, Sharon, shares her experience: “I cannot say enough about all the health benefits I have gained, the second family I have become involved with, along with the overall pleasure of the pilates experience. Every instructor is amazing and knows how to help every individual, the classes are geared towards every skill level and as you get stronger and more confident, you go to the next level.” 

People leave feeling taller than before. More confident than before. Amber declares, “I’m giving my body a gift by going to this class.”  


Health Benefits of Pilates: 

Greater Stamina

Healthier Blood

Reduced Injury

Boosted Mood

Increased Strength

Improved Posture

Better Balance

Improved Flexibility

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