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Club Pilates

The New West Hartford Fitness Center is a Family Affair

For Paige Karban and her three daughters, fitness is a family affair.  

A longtime pilates enthusiast who introduced her three daughters to this whole body strengthening workout. Paige, and her husband Ed, along with her daughters, will soon open a Club Pilates studio here in Corbins Corner. 

The independently-owned franchise, a 1,700-square-foot studio at 1445 New Britain Ave., will be operated by Paige, Ed and their daughters, Taylor, Brooke and Nikki Strobino. 

Paige said she chose the Club Pilates franchise after joining a studio in Boca Raton, Florida during the pandemic when most private studios were closed.

“I loved it. I loved everything about it! I liked the uniformity of the clubs and the brand itself is very well organized.”

Founded in 2007, Club Pilates operates franchises across the world. The business focuses on the original concept of pilates, which focuses on strengthening the body and its core while addressing previous injuries. 

Similar to yoga, pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. In pilates, the chance of injury is much lower than with other fitness regimens and it also focuses on the mind-body connection.  

“It’s a great workout because it takes the stretching from yoga and the strength from weight-lifting and high-intensity workouts, but it keeps the pressure off your joints so that you don’t get injured," Paige says. "It also brings a lot of mental awareness to your body and your posture.”

“Pilates is good for preventing injuries and improving balance and flexibility,” Brooke adds. 

The franchise also focuses on a type of Pilates known as Reformer, which uses a specialized Reformer workout machine to help develop a strong core.

Club Pilates West Hartford will have four certified pilates instructors - including Brooke and her sister Taylor - and will offer numerous classes at different levels, from beginners to advanced. Each will have a maximum of 12 students and there will be 12 workout stations in each class. 

Club Pilates specialized classes include; Flow (the most well-known), cardio sculpting (uses a jump board attachment to the reformer), a center balance class (good for stretching and strength), and a control class, which utilizes TRX and an individual springboard wall.  

Club Pilates will also offer one-on-one training in the private training room with a Reformer machine known as the "Cadillac." 

Club Pilates West Hartford 

1445 New Britain Ave. (Corbins Corner)



  • From L-R, Paige Karban and her daughters, Nikki, Taylor and Brooke.

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