Coach Kela Smith and The Hormone Puzzle Society

Gallatin's Fertility and Wellness Coach is Making a Difference Around the World and in Our Own Backyard

Article by Nicole Bell

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Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

As a women’s health hub for fertility, hormone education and pregnancy-related wellness, The Hormone Puzzle Society fills a big need locally and globally. Gallatin resident, Kela Smith, created The Hormone Puzzle Society to help women and couples who may be struggling with infertility, hormones and pregnancy approach challenges through a different lens.

Thirteen years ago, Kela met her husband, they soon married and began to plan a family. After mapping out what that would look like for them, it became apparent that a simple roadmap wasn't that simple after all. After undergoing multiple tests, she was quickly diagnosed with “unexplained infertility" at the age of 36. Kela was told that if she wanted to become pregnant, she would have to undergo IUI and if that didn’t work IVF. It was at that moment, Kela questioned everything and pondered why she was being told to undergo a medical procedure to force a naturally occurring procedure when there was nothing wrong with her medically.

After leaving the doctor’s office, Kela was determined to use IUI or IVF only as an end, if needed, but not as a starting point. Through research, functional medicine, optimal nutrition and a targeted lifestyle plan, Kela was able to reverse her diagnosis and became pregnant, naturally, with her first child and then again with her second. Today, her two miracle babies are six and eight. It was after her second child that she knew she wanted to pursue her passion and work in the field of holistic health.

“It was my hope that no other couple would suffer the way my husband and I did," says Kela.

Five years, six certifications later and now pursuing a PhD in natural and holistic medicine, Kela is helping other couples as they begin their path to parenthood. Kela works with several couples locally, nationally and around the world, offering a plethora of services for fertility, hormones and pregnancy in tandem with mind, body and spiritual health for overall wellness. Services include one-on-one coaching, self-study/online programs, membership club, books, podcasts and online summits. The Hormone Puzzle Society’s motto is, “test don’t guess." For those struggling with infertility, Kela's clients start with a comprehensive, at-home hormone test that really dives into the root of why the symptom is happening in the first place. Kela strives to treat the mind, body and spirit and working together helps guide them to total body wellness through functional medicine.

Kela explains, "I'm bringing in many different modalities based on what each person needs and I'm guiding them to optimal health and vitality so their symptoms go away and their body performs the way it was created to; this is true HEALTHcare. It isn’t replacing pharmaceuticals and surgery with holistic supplements and natural foods, but creating total body harmony and wellness."

Kela’s commitment to helping couples through difficult moments, in hopes that they do not have to suffer through the misery of hormonal issues, is her true passion. Kela says, “working in this field has never been easy; I help my clients deal with some very heavy things, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about the work I do.”

Personally, Kela’s love for Gallatin has also led her to become more involved in the community, at Beech Elementary where her children attend, locally in her neighborhood and at her place of worship--Long Hollow Church. "I love giving back and Gallatin is an amazing place to call home,” she says. “I want to continue to pour into myself, my kids and my family. Raising my boys right and nurturing my loving relationships."

What’s on the horizon? Kela is working on a line of fertility teas and women’s health massage oils that will be available this summer. Her third book, The Hormone Puzzle – Optimizing Pregnancy will be available on Amazon and her website,, this June.  Kela sums it all up by saying, “after all these years and all my struggles I can truly say this is what I was put on earth to do.”

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