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Coastal Alabama Construction & Development

Building Your Dreams

Matt Holt & Reggie Pulliam, owners of Coastal Alabama Construction and Development are revolutionizing building and remodels as we know it. With a service area that spans all along the Gulf Coast, the dynamic duo saw a need and decided together, to fill that need. 

Matt Holt is a professional craftsman with years of experience in home construction and renovation. After Hurricane Sally, he put his skills to use rebuilding and remodeling damaged homes.

Reggie Pulliam, previous owner of Coastal Alabama Insurance, and now co-founder of Coastal Alabama Construction and Development; saw firsthand in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally, the devastation and havoc wreaked; having helped hundreds of clients and friends recover from the disaster.

Recovering from the storm they realized Gulf Shores and the surrounding area were full of the industries’ best and brightest contractors, but when it came to combining workmanship and documenting damage, providing estimates, or packaging a full-service solution from new construction builds to remodeling; many fell short, adding further uncertainty and confusion for those already affected. So began Coastal Alabama Construction and Development. “With the use of technology such as our 3D LIDAR camera (Pro 3) through Matterport, we have the ability to communicate the critical scope of work to our clients and subcontractors and give our clients the ability to leave notes for us for specific items to be kept/moved/changed, etc. It also allows us to do before and after scans of the house for making floor plans, providing insurance documentation, and design integration. We saw a need and decided to fill that need. Since coming together and implementing the latest in technology, utilizing the industry’s finest contractors and tradesmen, we have a system in place that never compromises the quality of materials used or the workmanship of the services delivered. We do it all. From remodeling to new construction, we cater to our client’s needs, wants, and most importantly their best interests. We do this by combining technology, planning, and implementation; while also staying up to date with the industry’s latest in code requirements, permitting, and engineering guidelines.” Matt Holt. 

Coastal Alabama Construction and Development is a renowned company that prides itself on turning its clients' dreams into reality. With a strong commitment to excellence and the utilization of innovations in technology, this company has set the bar high for the construction and remodeling process. The technology and systems used, allow clients and their contractors to be involved in every step of the build or renovation. “We enjoy taking our clients through the entire process and they enjoy it too. There are progress pictures and notes throughout each step of the way from beginning to end. Our contractors are assigned work and upload progress. There is constant communication and with that accountability, we’re able to deliver a superior service. We have clients that live here and clients that live states away. Regardless of where they are located, they have a very hands-on ability to see the progress in real-time that is updated daily, request changes, and comment or ask questions” says Matt. 

One of the key advantages of Coastal Alabama Construction and Development's innovative approach is the ability to not only walk clients through the build process step by step, before the project begins, but also to set realistic expectations, timelines, and explanations of the costs. Breaking down each item, costs associated with labor, permits, planning phases, the ordering process for the timeline, execution of the project, etc. This effective communication ensures that clients' visions are accurately translated into the end result. “We never want our client to look at the invoice or project and not understand exactly what they’re paying for or seeing the progress of their vision coming to life.” 

The company recognizes that quality is of utmost importance when it comes to building or remodeling homes and refuses to settle. Coastal Alabama Construction and Development uses superior products and offers the best in service, and installation. Ensuring that their clients receive a finished product that is built to last. As licensed builders, and using the best in contractors, they are fully insured, providing their clients with peace of mind throughout the process.

In today’s fast-paced world, we know that time is a valuable asset and with some projects, time is of the essence. Coastal Alabama Construction and Development understands the importance of meeting strict timeline schedules. They work closely to ensure that projects are completed within the agreed-upon timeframes. “We want to keep things as streamlined as possible and we do this by project planning effectively for each step.” This transparent approach allows clients to stay connected and make any necessary adjustments.

Taking pride in its collaborative approach to building. They work hand in hand with clients, contractors, and various professionals such as drafters and engineers to create custom designs that fulfill their client's unique requirements. By involving all stakeholders from the beginning through to the end, Coastal Alabama Construction and Development ensures that every aspect of the construction project is meticulously planned and executed.

“Whether it's obtaining permits, navigating zoning regulations, insurance requirements, or managing budgets, we’re there every step of the way.” Matt Holt.

Coastal Alabama Construction and Development sets the standard for excellence in the construction industry. Trust Coastal Alabama Construction and Development to bring your vision to life and contact them today.

Coastal Alabama Construction & Development

"We build your dream" 

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