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Cocktail Night In

Tips for Creating a Home Bar (with a Twist of Good Company)

With the price of everything rising, there’s never been a better time to make high-priced bar cocktails at home. With the right tools and ingredients, a cocktail night is just as fun as a night on the town. If there’s no room for a large bar in your entertaining area, a small drink cart with wheels is the perfect way to serve a small group of guests. Most drink carts have bottle racks and room for glasses, a shaker, and an ice bin. Hooks for tongs, towels, and stirrers make these carts a full-service provider.  “Good company is the most essential thing you need for your home bar, however a great cocktail always starts with a recipe, a shaker, and lots of ice,” says Ryan Johnson, owner and operator of Bend's Sips Cocktail Catering. Other essentials include:

Recipe Book – Whether you’re into basic cocktails or unique mixology, keep one at your bar for easy reference.

Proper Glassware – There is science behind why a cocktail should be drunk out of a certain glass. Drinks with ice are served in pint glasses to hold the volume.

Shaker and Muddler – In order to make high-quality cocktails, keep a shaker and muddler for fresh ingredients like mint and berries.  

Secondary Liquors – Keep bottles of additive liquors like triple sec, grand mariner, and cognac on hand so that you have them for layered recipes.