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Cocktail Squad Rolls into Town

Lauren and John Maggio created the concept behind Cocktail Squad, bringing modern luxury to today’s spirit industry. Culture, experiential living, portability and convenience encourage adventure with your own "squad," and Cocktail Squad seamlessly brings these ideals together. Arizona serves as the perfect market, as these cocktails can accompany you on camping and hiking trips or to sporting events like spring training. Bartenders don’t have to hassle measuring and muddling and can instead serve a Cocktail Squad like they would serve a beer for a refreshing accent to any occasion.


Greyhound—a refreshing grapefruit flavor

Vodka Soda—low-calorie with 0 grams of sugar and 0 carbs, perfectly refreshing

Margarita—a taste as rich as if your hostess mixed up a big batch and hit the ideal notes of citrus and full spirit flavor

Gin and Tonic—perfectly balanced with a hint of natural lime

Whiskey Sour—produced under Nitro and tastes even better with a little shake to the can

Blackberry Bourbon Smash—made with Rocky Mountain blackberries, lemon and mint, leaving you refreshed and wanting more

The full line of Cocktail Squad products is available at AJ’s in Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler and Glendale, as well as Cellars Fine Wine and Spirits in Phoenix. 

“Cocktail Squad resonates with Scottsdale locals or travelers who have a thirst for adventure and value portability. Cocktail Squad also caters to those who want to enjoy a clean and classic craft cocktail at their leisure, whether that's at home entertaining guests or out on the golf course.”

—Lauren Maggio