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This Is How We Brew It

Ways You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Roasts at Home

Coffee is a language, a means of expression. It is the warmest invitation. It brings people together, whether they are close friends or hardly acquaintances.

If you are a coffee person, you understand the importance of craft, method and flavor. Of course, it isn’t realistic (or easy on the wallet) to hit the local coffee shop daily. But you can still support your local roasters and get the flavor your palate craves while saving a few bucks all the while. Here are just a few ideas for you—we think you’ll like them a latte!

Pour-over:  Pour-over coffee creates a simply divine taste. The process takes a bit longer than a typical brew, but the flavor is more intricate. You may choose to purchase a slow-drip maker or opt for a DIY.

Local beans:  Most local cafes offer signature blends in bags of whole beans or grounds. So, you can brew your own flavorful cup at home, saving money and supporting local businesses simultaneously! For example, this blend from Rise Up can be purchased at Pumpernickel & Rye.

Cold brew: Cold brew coffee is made by steeping coarsely ground coffee beans in water. Once you measure the ratio of coffee grounds to water, just cover your container and let it sit for about 20 hours. It's worth the wait, take it from us!