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Coffee Rooted In Community

Black Press Coffee Shop's Culture and Production Immerses Themselves In Gallatin

Article by Nicole Bell

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Coffee, in many circles, is what makes the world go ‘round. It holds a certain, unwritten magic that can transform the worst morning into a better day. It can be an uniter for friends, family or colleagues. It can be enjoyed at home, in a crowd or consumed in solitude with the warm aroma and its effects lingering for hours. It is said that the reason why coffee tastes so good is because of the love that goes into every carafe and brew. 

Nobody knows this better than Tim and Ashley West, owners of Black Press Coffee Shops and Roasting. Black Press was originally started by two friends with varying backgrounds; one with a divine interest in coffee and the other an entrepreneur who had a passion for creating local jobs in our area. Together, and with the support of family, friends and the community, they turned their dream of producing quality coffee products and having an amazing community space, while roasting their own coffee beans, into reality when they opened their first coffee shop location in 2018. Currently, they now operate three coffee shops in our area with plans for future growth. Their roasting facility is in Gallatin and Black Press even has a mobile coffee cart for events and gatherings. A steady rotation of different coffees, beverages, food items and even apparel sets Black Press apart from the cadre of corporate and national chain coffee shop conglomerates that have seen a recent influx around us. Their community-focused coffee shops provide safe working areas for studying, meetings, gatherings or just catching up with friends. “We want to offer a safe place for all people in our shops to interact and get to know one another,” says Tim. The local feel, customer service and story of success continue to prove that local businesses really do it best when they can provide exceptional services for the betterment of an area.  

 While growing, keeping the hometown feel is the top priority for Tim and Ashley. Their products and services being based in Gallatin and being able to serve those in our area are of the utmost importance. It’s also the reason their roasting facility and headquarters are local here, too. As a high-quality coffee shop with an intimate, local feel, Black Press continues to roast its own specialty coffee beans and blends right here in Gallatin. “We get our coffee beans from as many parts of the world as possible: Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sumatra and Papua New Guinea,” says Dustin, Black Press Coffee Roaster. From all around the world, straight to Gallatin for the roasting process, and eventually into a cup at one of their shops or a bag someone purchases to brew at home, those beans have quite the story and quite the travel behind them–a story of success in their own right. 

The community has been a huge part of Black Press's growth, its influence and being able to reach so many since the beginning. Most important to Tim and Ashley is to make sure that Black Press always protects and reciprocates that same company and community commitment to the culture on which they were founded. Engaging in the lifestyle and community allows Black Press to provide jobs within the area, give back to others, and demonstrate kindness to those who make Gallatin so amazing. From the baristas, employees and all the way up to the owners, providing that simple joy in a hot cup of splendor, making someone’s day a little bit brighter and providing a space for community and togetherness is what continues to allow Black Press to make a difference in our area and in the lives of so many around us.


  • Tim and Ashley West
  • Photography by Paramark Media
  • Photography by Paramark Media
  • Photography by Paramark Media
  • Photography by Paramark Media