Coincidence, or Connections?

Meet Jamaica and Len, owners of The Healing Environment in Smryna

Who are Jamaica and Len?
Jamaica McDaniel and Len Gaffney are the owners of The Healing Environment Wellness Center in Smyrna. They are a dynamic couple, each completely different but complementary to one another, the epitome of the saying ‘yin to yang.’. Their strong sense of individual purpose, their love for one another, and their desire to promote wellness, growth, and purpose in themselves and others radiates clearly.

How did you meet?
Jamaica and Len have a beautiful love story filled with what some might find coincidence, but they find meaningful connections. Both from Ohio, they attended high school together. Len was the reserved, studious type, while Jamaica was the popular prom queen. He had a crush on her, but never thought he had a chance. After high school graduation, they parted ways. Jamaica moved to New York and pursued modeling while honing her personal spiritual development. Len enlisted in the Air Force and pursued a career in the technology industry, but always felt something was missing. During this time, he embarked upon his own journey of spiritual development.

What brought you together?
After thirty years of living separate lives, Jamaica and Len reunited at their high school reunion. Len flew in with the intention of going to the reunion solely to see Jamaica. She felt an urging to go to the reunion that night, even though she had no desire to attend, since she was caring for her family during a difficult time, but chose to go anyway. She sat at the bar wondering why she felt so called to be there, but when Len walked in, she knew. They talked the entire evening until the event was over. They both say they have no recollection of anyone else being in the room. Len proposed that night and Jamaica accepted. Six months later they were married and embarked on their journey together, which eventually led them to the Atlanta area.

What is The Healing Environment?
Jamaica had a lifelong dream of creating a wellness center to help and connect others who are interested in health, wellness, and spiritual development, and The Healing Environment offers just that. Jamaica left her corporate job in August 2021 to pursue her dream, and the Healing Environment opened in January 2022. Len joined her full time one year later in August 2022. Services include healing and therapeutic massage, facials, waxing, sound therapy, reiki, reflexology, iridology, foot zone therapy, yoga, tai chi, and more. They also host wellness markets and events for the community to experience the center. The Healing Environment celebrates one year of business this month and hopes to expand their services while continuing to offer a peaceful, welcoming environment of healing and wellness to the community.

We want everyone to understand it's all about evolving. This is an ongoing journey toward purpose, even for us. Our desire is to help everyone elevate, one way or another. We're not perfect, we're just called to continue to grow.

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