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Cold? Flu? COVID?

Telemedicine can help you diagnose symptoms, get proper care - and keep you out of germy waiting rooms

Article by Mary Ellin Arch

Photography by Provided by EuDoc

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

‘Tis the season – for colds and flu. And with COVID still a concern, you might be in a quandary over what illness you have and how to treat it.

Telemedicine might be just the ticket.

“Cold, flu, and now COVID season can be challenging and confusing. A doctor you know, trust, and can access helps navigate this season and provides timely treatment,” says Dr. Kenneth D. Qiu, in partnership with Dr. Mariana L. Keener at EuDoc. “When you’re sick, you shouldn’t have to wait a week or two to see your doctor. Our patients access us easily any time by message, phone or video visit.”

Using telemedicine also keeps you out of a waiting room full of sick people. EuDoc’s appointment system staggers appointments to virtually eliminate waiting.

Most colds resolve with basic home treatment. But flus and COVID can lead to serious illness. “Older individuals and those with chronic conditions have a higher risk of severe complications from viral disease,” says Dr. Qiu. “They should have a lower threshold for early testing and physician evaluation.”

EuDoc offers subscription-based primary care, charging a monthly fee that includes all in-person office and telemedicine visits. Services include well care, chronic and acute care, some procedures, and more.

“We treat children and adults, making us a health-care option for the whole family,” Dr. Qiu says.

For more, see Dr. Qiu’s Cold/Flu/COVID-19 guide: | | 804-372-3461 | 1520 Huguenot Rd, Suite 114, Midlothian