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Cryoskin Technology at Inspired Beauty Body Contouring

Article by Allison Bankston

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Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Boosting her clients' confidence is a core motivation for Michelle Pinto, the owner of Inspired Beauty Body Contouring in Arvada which includes the Cryoskin technology. “I never imagined I would do something like this,” Michelle says. “I have a good friend who started a business like this in New York, and it was so popular, she soon launched two more locations. She suggested I open one, too.” 

The treatment suite opened in August of 2022. Right now, Michelle sees the majority of the clients, but as time goes on, a second Cryoskin technician, Susan Baker, will be handling more appointments.  

Michelle was attracted by Cryoskin’s natural approach without invasive techniques. “I’m not loading my clients’ bodies with chemicals. We’re not cutting or causing pain, and I feel it’s a reasonable cost for the results it delivers.” For Michelle, it’s about helping people feel better about themselves. It’s a very individualized experience, too. “This is your appointment,” says Michelle. “You tell me what kind of energy you want from me–more conversation or a more serene, quiet atmosphere.” 

Three Cryoskin services are available at Inspired Beauty Body Contouring: CryoSlimming, CryoToning, and Cryoskin Facials. CryoSlimming uses a cold wand to reach pockets of fat that won’t release through diet and exercise. The wand is between 4 and -4 degree Celsius, and the technician uses the wand and then manual massage to help cause programmable cell death or apoptosis. Following the appointment, over about two weeks, the fat cells are eliminated through the lymphatic system. Most clients attend 10-20 sessions. An individual session is $350, and the more sessions you purchase, the lower the rate per treatment.  

CryoToning is the combination of cold wand therapy and warmth from the technician’s hands. The contrast creates vasoconstriction and vasodilation, which leads to microcirculation. That process signals the body to create additional collagen and elastin. “Our bodies’ collagen production diminishes after age 25,” according to Michelle. “You need at least 5 sessions of CryoToning, and many people alternate CryoSlimming and CryoToning with great results.” CryoToning can be done every three to seven days, and CryoSlimming is generally performed once every 14 days. 

Cryoskin facials are essentially CryoToning for the face. Michelle says you’re likely to see results after just one session, but if you want more lasting changes, she recommends multiple appointments. “I do realize it’s an investment in time, energy, and money, and I try to make sure my clients feel loved and cared for during the process.”  

Inspired Beauty Body and Contouring is a warm and relaxing space with peaceful vibes. Michelle pulled from the Danish culture wanting her business to emote a feeling of hygge: a quality of coziness and comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being from the simple things in life.   

 As technology evolves, Michelle expects she will also expand the services offered at her location at 12191 West 64th Street, Suite 306 in Arvada. You can learn more about Inspired Beauty Body Contouring at or by calling 978-807-4748.

Follow-up Care

With all of the Cryoskin treatments, Michelle recommends specific, individualized follow-up care for her clients which could include such things as drinking more water and limiting the intake of sugar and carbohydrates. 

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