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Dr. Melissa Jones and Dr. Tal Gospin, All in Once Peace Yoga. Photo by Kevin Turcios with My Creative Table

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These Houston women are changing lives with their wellness focused businesses. Find out how they can help you reset in 2024.

Women-owned wellness businesses pave the path to a mindful and healthy lifestyle reset. These ventures, driven by passion and expertise, offer diverse services, from yoga and dance studios to counseling. They foster a nurturing environment for self-care by prioritizing mental and physical well-being. These Houston-based entrepreneurs empower their clients to embark on a journey of mindfulness and health in the coming year.

Counselor Connection 

New Year, New Goals! Many of us think of physical health in that context; how about taking stock and setting goals for mental health?  

Andrea Chvatal is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who has long been a part of our community, formerly serving in a local public school for five years as a Professional School Counselor. Transitioning three years ago to owning her private practice (Andrea Chvatal, PLLC), she continues to serve our community on a more intimate scale.  

Parent coaching is Andrea’s expertise, guiding parents along a path of communication, understanding, and unity. Her school-based knowledge is utilized when working with teachers, administration, and parents, providing an objective perspective to support students toward success.  

Andrea also enjoys working with individuals and couples navigating stress, anxiety, grief/loss, and life transitions. She is a compassionate listener who takes time to understand and empathize with clients. Andrea is also known to be action-oriented, partnering with and encouraging her clients each step of the way. 

Located at 8955 Katy Freeway, Suite 302 (in between Campbell and Voss), Andrea offers a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation as well as early morning and evening appointments.

All in One Peace Yoga

Dr. Melissa Jones, a pediatric neurologist, and Dr. Tal Gospin, a pediatric cardiologist, collectively bring over ten years of experience treating patients with neurological and cardiac disorders. They have observed that stress and environmental toxins exacerbate many of these conditions. Recognizing the significance of healthy nutritional habits, detoxification, and preventive health measures, they embarked on a wellness journey.

This journey culminated in establishing All In One Peace, a facility dedicated to providing resources for health and wellness. The focus is on addressing stress and toxins early on to prevent the development of disorders while also aiding those already dealing with chronic medical conditions by alleviating pain and enhancing energy levels. 

All In One Peace offers a comprehensive range of services, including yoga, meditation, massage, sauna, physical therapy, IV infusions, and health coaching, catering to individuals aged 5 to 105. The mission of All In One Peace is to be a holistic destination for health and well-being, aiming to promote a harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

Dance 4 Life at MoveNation Dance Academy

Many of us fell in love with dance as young children, but as adults with work, kids, and social commitments, it is sometimes hard to be as active as we need or want. MoveNation Dance Academy is trying to change that with its Dance 4 Life classes for adults. The dance studio offers adult classes for dancers of all experience levels in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, stretching and strengthening, and even pointe. 

Jennifer San Miguel, the owner of MoveNation Dance Academy, says, “When we dance, we focus our bodies in certain positions, which requires learning about your muscular-skeletal functionality. That creates a better awareness of our body, which can help us detect health issues before they become a persistent problem.”

San Miguel has seen students regain flexibility and movement through her stretching and toning classes. Dance 4 Life regularly welcomes students of all ages, including dancers from 60 to 80 years of age. The classes are great not only for movement but also for forming connections. “There is nothing like forming friendships, encouraging each other, and routinely coming to classes together. It is very beneficial for our bodies and our mental health,” says San Miguel.


  • Andrea Chvatal, Counselor Connection. Photo by Micheal Martinez Photography
  • Dr. Melissa Jones and Dr. Tal Gospin, All in Once Peace Yoga. Photo by Kevin Turcios with My Creative Table
  • Dance 4 Life at MoveNation Dance Academy