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Trends in Eyewear

"See the world through rose-coloured glasses" is a popular saying and common phrase that means to look at the world in a optimistic way. And while we love all of that positivity, especially these days, we are talking about literally wearing rose-colored glasses!  

We visited Ascent Eye Care in Franklin to check out some new frames and they shared a little about the history of glasses from their recent blog. "The earliest wearable spectacles were only made out of very expensive materials, like crystal. This put them out of reach of most people, and they became a status symbol for the wealthy. Once the printing press came along in 1440, literacy rates skyrocketed, and with them, so did the demand for reading glasses. The preferred material switched from crystal to glass, making them much more affordable. Nowadays, we can choose from countless frame styles and colors to suit our personalities." 

Glasses have become so popular - and not just for those who have impaired vision. They've pretty much become a must-have part of any fashion conscious person's wardrobe. Whether you wear them as an accessory with prescription lenses, as blue light blocking glasses or just as a simple fashion statement, glasses can really add a little bit of pizzazz to any outfit. 

Bold colored rims are taking over faces this season. Colors and distinctive details are all the rage for both men and women. Geometrical, oversized and cat-eye are just a few shape lines that pair well with bold colors for a true fashion statement. 

Ascent Eye Care

1441 New Highway 96 West, Suite 3


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