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Combining Art and High Fashion

Spotlight on Revi Ferrer who incorporates both in her everyday life

Article by Cortney Wilbanks

Photography by Ashley Hylbert

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Amidst her unassuming demeanor, there lies a boldness to Revi Ferrer that will surprise you. Revi Ferrer is a Nashville artist who found her way to the Music City through creative intuition. A Latvian native, Ferrer's prolific journey has taken her across the globe, from London, Mexico, Los Angeles, and now to Nashville. Born into a family of creatives, Revi was destined to make waves in the industry. Ferrer credits her mother with lighting her creative fuse. Revi recalls at age ten watching her mother create by designing stage setups for Lativian television. While observing her mother’s work, Ferrer identified with the elements giving her the impetus to explore her artistic aspirations. 

At 16, Revi sat down with her parents to discuss her burgeoning interests, which included fashion design and architecture. Together, they decided that architecture would be the most beneficial for her future.

After college in 2005, Ferrer worked extensively with a prominent interior design firm in Riga. When the global market crash started in 2008-09, Revi came to the conclusion that “most people view interior design as a luxury, not a need”

In 2009 Revi felt the need to move on from interior design and began to dream about her future. Her journey took her to England where she found herself in a unique opportunity. The Old Gringo boot company needed a designer and Revi’s talent fit the bill. She began to design boots incorporating an esthetic approach to her designs.

Armed with ten designs, Revi traveled to Madrid and fearlessly presented her work to the founder of Old Gringo. Three weeks later, Old Gringo relocated Revi to Mexico to oversee their design operations.

Her boot designs have been featured in Vogue UK in 2014, cementing Revi’s place within the fashion industry. Music and fashion superstars such as Miranda Lambert, Kesha, and Kate Moss have all worn Revi’s boot designs.

After spending time in California, driven by a deep desire to create, with her ethos as a guide- Revi returned to Mexico and began to paint. While guided by her instincts, Revi decided that it would be fun to layer pieces of her past into her art.

She found her rhythm and began to embrace her unique brand of definitive style. The results came by producing one-of-a-kind paintings. Her work caught the attention of a local art boutique in California, who sold one of her pieces to David Bowie.

In 2018, Revi came to Nashville, and immediately fell in love with Music City, fully adopting the city that she now calls home. Revi continues to create art combining linear and painterly styles, exploring new and fantastic ways of depicting everyday objects. It is more of an experience than merely seeing. Her work explores the many life experiences that play into who she is; bold, dynamic, and driven.

For Revi, creation is the most vulnerable form of self sacrifice, and art is the most absolute practice of our most basic humanity. Her journey is a testament to the power of following one’s intuition, challenging the status quo, and rejecting the idea of living and creating according to “the rules.” Through her art, Revi continues to pour her emotions out of her soul, into the world, giving birth to unique ideas that incorporate all of the aspects of her incredible talent.

In collaboration with her high fashion pieces, Revi creates art that supports local charities by donating commission pieces for auction. With the passion and will to create something expressly unique,  there is no question as to how Ferrer is so incredibly successful.

Revi is represented by the French Art Network Galleries in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Carmel, California. Her work is displayed locally at 360 Bistro and Brentwood Blind Company in Belle Meade.

If you’d like to learn more about Revi, buy a piece of art from her, or collaborate with her, please visit her website at