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Come Clean

Freshen up the bathroom this summer with trends and designs from some of our favorite experts.

Article by Emily C. Laskowski

Photography by Courtesy Kohler Signature Store

Originally published in Park Cities Lifestyle

With more than 30 years of experience among its team of designers, the Kohler Signature Store in the Knox Street shopping district brings bathroom design services to a new level for Park Cities residents. “We love working with clients in the Park Cities area,” says store manager Laurie Ramirez. “They have a well-traveled, sophisticated taste level, are easy to work with, and they are quintessential Texans!”

We asked Ramirez and her team what their favorite bathroom trends are heading into the summer season. And although Ramirez says the colors of her dream bathroom change daily, we got plenty of input from the design team on what to look for.

John Wilson

Trends: Seeing brighter warmer colors.

Most requested: Intelligent toilets.

Favorite items: Digital controls for the shower.

Joe Stanford

Trends: We are seeing the bathrooms go warmer, with more taupe and colors such as sage—less grey/white combos. Vanities that are designed to look like a good piece of furniture, with legs and detailed hardware.

Most requested: Our Brushed Bronze finish is really popular in this area.

Doug Cross

Trends: No more boring bathrooms. Seeing less grey and white combos, and starting to see more greens and blues, more nature colors. 

Most requested: Faucets and fixtures in Modern Brushed Brass. 

Favorite items: Freestanding tubs where people can relax more in today’s crazy world.

Ali Otstott

Trends: Digital valves. Now that we have more options, I am sure we will see them in more of the bathrooms, not just the primary bath. 

Favorite items: Tile! Love to mix it up using different but coordinating tile in my projects.

Barbara Sammon

Trends: The use of lighting to set the mood in the bathroom. It’s not an afterthought anymore.  The use of lit mirrors/medicine cabinets allowing the client to change the lighting based on application. Tile has become an important part of the bathroom, from flowing in a simple minimalistic manner to that huge wow factor with color and texture.

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