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Come Together, Right Now

Local musicians bring the music of the Beatles to our community.

The Beatles have never been one of my favorite bands. I've actually said, "The Beatles are the most overrated band, ever." 

Then, I watched "Get Back", Peter Jackson's documentary series, recounting how the Fab Four wrote and rehearsed fourteen new songs and planned their first live show in more than two years. I have never eaten a bigger feast of my own words in my life. Turns out, The Beatles were made up of four extraordinary masters of music with superior, and some say incomparable skills. John, Paul, Ringo, and George sat around a rehearsal room and let notes, ideas, and words flow like it was as natural to them as breathing. I was captivated. I can remember asking my husband, an avid Beatles fan, "So they just got together and wrote all of those songs, like in a matter of hours?!" Yes. That's what they did. It's astounding! 

Lucky for me and my newfound love for The Beatles' music, there is a local band that is bringing the stories behind the songs to light alongside playing some of the most iconic songs in history. BeaTogether with Friends provides a compilation of tunes, but more importantly, brings light to the amazing talent behind the music. George Stamm, founding BeaTogether member, is a walking encyclopedia of Beatles knowledge and concert-goers can expect an excellent history lesson at each event. BeaTogether with Friends is NOT just another Beatles tribute band. These are four seasoned professional musicians who have been performing live shows all over the country for decades.  

To see them on September 16th at Wadsworth Auditorium in Newnan, go to and get your tickets today! 

  • Don McBroom - Keyboard/bass/guitars/lead and harmony vocals
  • Bryan Holmes - Drums/vocals
  • George Stamm - Rhythm guitars/ lead & harmony vocals
  • Casey Hooper - Lead guitar/rhythm/lead and harmony vocals