Coming Clean

A therapeutic solution for better health

When many people hear about colonic hydrotherapy, they’re not sure what it is or why it’s needed. With research now showing a strong correlation between gut health and overall health, it’s more important than ever to improve the cleanliness of our digestive systems.

Carolyn Berry, owner of Clean Colonic (CleanColonic.com), found her own path to wellness after suffering from various health issues for many years. Now, she is focused on bringing what worked for her to others.

“I’ve always had stomach issues,” she says. “Over the years, my allergens just kept growing to the point where it didn’t matter what food I ate. I would swell up and bloat. I ate a cheese pizza once, and it put me in the hospital.

“I also had problems with my menstrual cycle. I was diagnosed with endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, and then, a few years ago, with adenomyosis, which caused my uterus to swell and retain fluid. My doctor told me that being on birth control would help, and it did, but then I ended up getting blood clots.”

Berry went on suffering for another 20 years, and the only solution doctors had was a hysterectomy. She contemplated it, but then a friend suggested she get a colonic. She asked why, because these are two separate areas, and she didn’t think she had any bowel problems. But his philosophy was that everything started in the gut.

“So, I went to a clinic, and six sessions in I thought I was wasting my time,” she says. “I was really upset, and the therapist said, ‘Trust me, everything starts in the colon and you just have to keep coming to clean the entire thing out.’”

Berry continued on, and a month after her seventh session, the problems with her cycle disappeared. After two years, when she went for another ultrasound, there were no more cysts, and her adenomyosis was gone.

“I had no intentions of opening a clinic,” she says. “I worked for a couple of different clinics, and I felt like I needed to do it on my own in order to streamline colon hydrotherapy and bring awareness to it.”

Four and a half years ago, she started out with one device in a rented room. Within two years she bought two more devices, and opened up her own clinic in Tempe. Two months after that she opened a clinic in Phoenix with three devices, and a year later opened the one in Fountain Hills. Now, in the three clinics, there are eight staff members, including a physician’s assistant. 

“I created the business on my own,” she says. “I did the website, I did the videos, and have done everything. But now I have staff and therapists who help me.”

She made the online videos in order to alleviate concerns that prospective clients may have. They can also see the equipment and how it works.

Clean Colonic follows the manufacturer’s recommendation, which is 10 sessions, twice a week, and after that Carolyn suggests coming in once a month.

“I always knew I was going to help people; I always had that drive,” she says. “I’m bringing them ease about a situation that can be intimidating or scary. You shouldn’t do something because you feel like it’s a good idea. Do it because you’re passionate about it.

“I really want to get across to people that no matter what their issues are, try a colonic. I never thought it was going to help my uterus, and it did. You want to give your body a reset and flush it out, and give your body a clean environment.”

Today, Berry feels great and loves being with her two dogs, Lucy, who she rescued at 6 and who is now 7, and Sebastian, who she’s had since he was 3, and who is now 10.

“When you feel better physically, everything else starts to fall into place,” she says.

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