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The staff of Glastonbury's Comparion Agency.

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Comparion Insurance Agency

The local agency has expanded its offering to multiple insurance channels

For more than 40 years, Liberty Mutual Insurance has been a dynamic presence in the Glastonbury business scene, firmly rooted in the community and meeting insurance needs at a local level. Now that powerhouse has grown into Comparion Insurance Agency.

“The company started as a distribution channel of Liberty Mutual, and in August of 2022, we transitioned to Comparion Insurance Agency, a Liberty Mutual Company,” Sales Director Stephanie Johnson explained. “This evolution allows us to provide a much wider carrier panel. We currently offer multiple insurance companies through our agency, Liberty Mutual is still one of them, but we can offer our clients many more options for doing business with us in the community.”

The strength of Comparion and its value to Glastonbury begins with its 110-year Liberty Mutual history and the local office’s 40-year history here. Comparion has become even more vital with expanded access to multiple insurance companies and a wider breadth of policy options. 

“We’re able to shop around and save customers time and effort by doing the work for them and finding the best options for updating existing policies or adding new policies as needed,” said Stephanie. “We can give advice specific to the customer’s community because it’s our community, too.” 

Another asset Comparion brings to Glastonbury is the knowledge and excellence of its highly successful local team. 

“We have the best talent on board with decades of experience to make sure you're talking to the right people to help you with your individual insurance needs,” Stephanie said. 

Alongside core home, auto and life policies, Comparion can help in areas that people may not immediately think of for insurance. Renters' insurance has become popular with changes in the housing market and the lack of inventory available. Pet insurance has also been rising.

“During the pandemic, there was a huge boom for people adopting new pets, and many don’t know pet insurance exists or how valuable it can be,” said Jennifer Finan, sales director. continued. “And often, people don’t know they should be insuring jet skis, boats or ATVs. They should be sure they have the appropriate coverage for those items.”

“It’s always a good time to review your current insurance situation,” she added. “Life insurance is one place people should look at to be sure that they not only have it, but as their lives grow and evolve, their insurance keeps pace.”

If you want to review your insurance portfolio, Comparion has licensed experts on hand to help. And, if you’re seeking to expand your career, the company is looking for great agents to join their team. Comparion has valuable connections in the community and welcomes local strategic business partnerships to expand marketing efforts. 

Comparion Insurance Agency

95 Glastonbury Blvd



  • The staff of Glastonbury's Comparion Agency.
  • Stephanie Johnson, left, and Jennifer Finan, of Comparion Agency.