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Compassionate care in critical moments

The Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa turns 36

Few people foresee animal health emergencies. But that’s all the more reason to have a plan should an emergency situation arise. When our pets are sick or injured, we need care we can trust – and fast. For many animal owners in Tulsa and the surrounding area, that means a trip to the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa (AEC).

The AEC has been locally owned and operated for over 35 years! AEC opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1987, when a group of 20 Tulsa veterinarians pooled their resources and formed a dedicated emergency hospital to better serve the needs of pets at night and on the weekends. AEC is focused solely on providing emergency, urgent and critical care services. From minor illnesses and injuries to critically ill patients and those requiring emergency surgery, the AEC is equipped to provide the care and comfort our pets deserve.

They have also acquired the specialized equipment and expertise necessary to handle these types of situations. The AEC’s six veterinarians use the facility’s full, in-house laboratory and X-ray, endoscopy and ultrasound machines to help rapidly diagnose medical and surgical problems. They also have computerized ICU units that provide a controlled oxygen, humidity and temperature environment for critically ill pets.

“The entire facility is tailored specifically to provide emergency medicine services,” Dr. Troy McNamara, the Medical Director of AEC, says. “We have a large, centralized treatment area where all patients are in direct view of our staff at all times, as well as a dedicated isolation ward for animals that may have contagious diseases.”

The Animal Emergency Center veterinarians and staff prioritize compassionate, high-quality care in critical moments. They are very proud of the longevity and dedication of their staff. ”Many have been with the center for decades; 10 - 15 years is common, with several of our staff working here over 20 years!” Dr. McNamara says. “Our staff’s longevity speaks to how dedicated they are to providing excellent emergency medicine.”

Your animals are welcome at the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa round-the-clock on weekends and from 6 AM to midnight on weekdays. For additional information and hours visit

  • Dr. Troy McNamara and Sheri McNamara. Photo: Chris Humphrey
  • Photo: Kathyann Photo
  • Photo: Kathyann Photo
  • Photo: Chris Humphrey

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