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Gulf Shores Family Pharmacy: Investing in Your Health with Dispill

I had to break down and purchase a travel dispenser that had slots for both morning and evening meds, if that’s not a sign of advancing age, I am not sure what is. Seriously, managing medication can be a bit overwhelming. It is easy to assume that one’s doctor is keeping track of all potential interactions, but if you see specialists, prescriptions may be written by multiple physicians. It is important to have a relationship with a local pharmacist and to make sure all your prescriptions are filled in one place, so that you have a second pair of eyes looking out for you.

Clients of local pharmacist, Stacy Davis of Gulf Shores Family Pharmacy and Lillian Pharmacy, have this service available to them. This is the perfect opportunity for the pharmacy staff to look for interactions, dispose of expired medications and consult with patients to make sure they are taking all meds at the right time of day. If you’re like me and find keeping up with what to take when a challenge, Stacy will sort and package your medications by dose in a Dispill Pill Pack. That eliminates juggling multiple pill bottles and lessens the odds of taking a medication at the wrong time. Managing an ever-growing list of prescription medicines is a serious business. Utilizing the professional services of a local pharmacy like Stacy can simplify your life and ensure that you only take medications that interact well together.

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