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Concierge Creating Stress-Free New Year

This Year, Rely On Nicole Carver To Manage Your Tasks

Article by Mary Compton

Photography by B&E Photography, LLC Elena Burley

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Nicole Carver based in Tampa, Florida, started her own concierge business in 2012. It was just herself to begin with, but now the company has grown to include 10 employees in three locations, Tampa and Sarasota, Florida, and Nashville.

Being a military spouse, she and her family stationed to Tampa, Florida, from Germany, where they had been for almost five years. Tampa became home and while living there, Nicole decided to jump-start her career again and begin her own business. Nicole has a knack for helping others organize their lives especially after being a busy mom of a busy home.

When deciding she wanted to return to work Nicole did some soul searching. She says she asked herself what her talents were and where she excelled. "I realized after running a home and simultaneously being an executive assistant working with C level executives, I could put those organizational qualities to work. I could help others organize their busy lives, too."

Nicole is using her talents and rounding up business suited for the busy needs of her clients. Nicole obtained her business license, built a company website, and started networking. She says she continues to educate herself about business to ensure her company is constantly improving and meeting the needs of their clients.

Carver Concierge is a company that assists its clients in tasks they may not have time for, especially during the holidays. Nicole says they take care of everything on a client’s personal to-do lists. They can schedule doctor’s appointments, send Amazon returns, assist with relocation plans, keep the home running smoothly and oversee projects.

"Other requests include having the car serviced and detailed or home maintenance requests," she adds. 

“By entrusting us with the details, our clients can find peace of mind and a sense of relief, allowing them to truly unwind and de-stress during the holidays,” says Nicole.

The praises she has received from her clients are funny and sweet. They have said: “Where have you been all my life, I can’t live without you, and you are a wife for a wife.” 

Nicole’s team of employees are professional and skilled at balancing the lives of their clients, giving them more time to do the things they love and less time fretting over what they have to get done. She says they also can get clients ready for the upcoming year, lifting the weight off clients' backs and delivering vibrant, high-touch solutions. 

The company's team offers tailored personal assistance, executive support and luxury lifestyle management services through professionals who Nicole says are reliable, confidential and caring. "We take great care to build relationships with our personal and corporate clients. Each client is served in a personable and friendly way."

“Whether it’s managing holiday shopping, coordinating travel plans, or handling event logistics, we’ve got it covered. Our goal is to make their lives easier, so they can focus on enjoying the festivities and spending quality time with their loved ones, free from the burdens of time-consuming tasks,” says Nicole, who offers virtual or heels on the ground support.

What a gift of time to spend elsewhere rather than being bogged down with to do’s.


"Whether it’s managing holiday shopping, coordinating travel plans, or handling event logistics, we’ve got it covered," says Nicole.