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This studio transforms clients’ lives by tapping into the power of their bodies and minds.

What does your wellness style say about you? Style isn’t just about the way you dress or how you look—it’s also about the way you care for yourself.

Since 2004, Body & Brain Yoga in Brea has helped people recover their connection to their true nature and to the world around them.  

“Our style aims to be in harmony with nature and our environment, whether that be our surroundings, each other, our families, or our communities,” says Center Manager Panida Klintong, who works alongside Assistant Manager Elba Bogo and Instructor Shoreh Safarzadeh.

Body & Brain Yoga is all about a belief in harmonious coexistence.

“We believe harmonious coexistence starts from within ourselves and ripples out to touch the people around us. If we focus on what we all have in common, which is that we are all citizens of this Earth, then we can find common ground beyond our differences in race, religion, politics, or culture. We call that the Earth Citizen spirit.”

Body & Brain’s unique programs are designed to help clients transform their lives through the power of their bodies and minds.

“We offer holistic wellness classes, workshops, and personal coaching, incorporating yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, and breathwork based on ancient Korean energy principles. Whether you choose our classes, workshops, or personal coaching sessions, we can help you recover your connection to your true nature and your Earth Citizen spirit.”

Body & Brain Yoga provides clients with the best in holistic fitness, delivered through both online and in-studio classes that feature a unique blend of Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Breathwork training.

Each discipline produces a multitude of physical and mental benefits, stimulating the mind and body connection.

“Your body and brain are deeply connected. Physical exercise can positively influence the condition of your brain. With a unique 5-step energy healing practice, Body & Brain practice promotes a deep mind-body connection that activates your brain’s natural power and empowers you to achieve your goals.”

Body & Brain also offers restorative Yoga and Tai Chi retreats, set in the stunning natural setting of Sedona, Arizona.

“Our retreats are a perfect way to deeply immerse yourself in the transformative experience of Body & Brain’s practice. They offer a valuable opportunity to take a break and focus on reconnecting, revitalizing, and cultivating fresh perspectives on healing and personal growth while allowing you the space and time to recharge and create the life that you desire.”

The Body & Brain story started back in 1980 when founder Ilchi Lee began teaching healing exercises to a single stroke patient in a public park in Korea.

“Soon, many people joined his practice to learn about his healing techniques and philosophies. The popularity of what would later be known as the Body & Brain practice grew steadily, and in 1996, it arrived in the United States.”

“Today, Ilchi Lee’s mind-body practices are taught to individuals, groups, companies, schools, and non-profits worldwide. Currently, there are centers in more than 10 countries.”

What’s next for the Brea Body & Brain team?

“We aim to gather 1 million like-minds to work together to raise our collective consciousness and heal our Earth. The New Humanity Pledge encompasses five key areas where individuals can make a positive impact.”

“We want to find 10,000 people in our local community in Brea and the surrounding neighborhoods who share this mindset, which we believe can help save the earth by taking action in these five key areas!”

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 Workout connecting mind and body. Increases strength, flexibility, and centeredness.


The meditative system of martial art forms improves body alignment, balance, energy, circulation, and physical stamina.


Guided meditations connect mind and body. Develops energy awareness, peace of mind, inspiration, and joy.


Mindful breathing techniques benefit the mind, body, and spirit to decrease stress.  

“Our style aims to be in harmony with nature and our environment. We offer holistic wellness classes, workshops, and personal coaching, incorporating yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, and breathwork based on ancient Korean energy principles.”

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