Connected World

Fashion with a Conscience

A common question asked when one goes into garment design is "What is your target market?" So when faced with that question, Earl Brown wanted to have a brand that included everyone, hence the name Connected World.

Earl's take on fashion is clothing with a conscience. 

"Often when we have a disaster in the world, people move all issues regarding race, gender, and political stance aside and turn into one human race to save, rescue, and help people. At Connected World, we aim to highlight that same energy and create a lens on unity from a humanitarian perspective as a force of light to drive out darkness. Through fashion we tell our story," Brown explains.

One of the things they aim to do is to work with different artists and use their brand to “culture travel.”  Through culture travel they highlight the similarities of humans as a basis for love because they feel when you concentrate on differences it gives an opportunity for fear or hate. 

"It is our belief that dividing segments of mankind is a catalyst for separation," Earl explains. "Connected World feels we as people have way more similarities than differences. We work to highlight our similarities and increase love through fashion. The human race struggles with being an individual while being part of the collective, and we are committed to being part of this movement to encourage being uniquely inspirational."

Earl has been involved with garment design for more than 12 years. While he got his start in denim jeans, currently he is making vinyl, canvas, and leather bags and t-shirts. 

What you wear is nonverbal communication to people you may never verbally communicate with. ~ Earl Brown.

To learn more about Connected World visit or visit the store at 218 Delaware St, Kansas City. 

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