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The practice of yoga dates back over five thousand years. For millennia,  practitioners have engaged in this meditative exercise seeking strength, flexibility, peace, and focus. Southern Soul Yoga owner, Jenna Wright, is passionate about helping others gain physical and mental strength through the connection of mind and body within a supportive community.

When asked what sets her studios apart from others, Jenna gave us one defining word: community.  At Southern Soul Yoga, mind, body and community are one.  Wright tells us, “It is extremely important to me to create a place where people can come and unify on similarities and be open to discuss differences.  A place where all walks of life come together in a space to be seen, share in that time, and bond in a way they may not have otherwise.”  

When Jenna began her journey with yoga, she experienced benefits that were not just physical, but mental as well. It became so transformative for her that she wanted to help others benefit from it in the same way.  Wright says, “For me it is about the strength of the practice. I am a power teacher, but my focus is not on how hard I can make the practice. It is about getting out of your head and into your body.  The more strength you build physically, the more mental strength you build. Then, you are able to really sit in stillness.”  It is this combination of physical and mental strength tethered with diversity that is embedded into the culture at Southern Soul.   

Southern Soul goes beyond the offerings of typical yoga studios. From an array of heated and non-heated yoga experiences, to Pilates and other strength building classes, Jenna stresses that she doesn’t put any perimeters around the traditions of yoga. For her, it is important that practitioners have the ability to be themselves and make their classes their own. There is a sense of distinction in every aspect of the experience as each type of class has its own focus and tempo.  Wright says, “We use authentic music and allow the teachers to play whatever feels authentic to them, their age, or their heritage.”  

With locations on the North Shore and in St. Elmo, Southern Soul Yoga provides an array of classes to suit the most advanced yogi and the novice student. To learn more about Southern Soul Yoga and to schedule a class, visit:

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