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VFW Post 688 teaches Scouts proper techniques for handling, displaying, and disposing of American flags.

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Connecting The Generations

Each age offers opportunity for growth, education and inspiration

Nowadays it isn’t only the older generation that experiences social isolation and loneliness. More teens are feeling that sense of disconnect and choose solitude as a way of coping. It is important for multiple generations to have ongoing interactions to enhance their world experience. Wise women and men can tell their stories and offer advice to a teen who is willing to listen. Children can offer their spontaneous joy and laughter to a group of elders. This article features some connections initiated by veterans and mother/daughter teams. 

VFW POST # 688

Charles “Charlie” Wetherbee shared this experience. “VFW Post 688 has an ongoing mission to provide military honors for veteran burials. We give the fired cartridge cases to the family so that the children and grandchildren have a memento of their deceased family member. I also tell the adults not to let the children take the spent cartridge cases to school or they might wind up in the principal’s office.”  

“The Post also has a “Patriot Pen” written essay contest for middle school children," continues Wetherbee. This gives the students an opportunity to voice their opinions, thoughts, and hopes for a bright future of the U.S. The “Voice of Democracy” is an audio essay contest for high school teens. Each contest has a “theme” that students nationwide write about. This year’s Patriot’s Pen theme is “What is Patriotism to Me?” This year’s Voice of Democracy theme is “Is This the Country the Founders Envisioned?” Certificates and cash prizes are given to winning students.

“We cherish the opportunities that we have to connect with the youth of Boerne and Kendall County, and we recognize what an honor and privilege it is to be invited into the schools to share our experiences as veterans.” Bob Worrall, Quartermaster of VFW Post 688, is talking about the “Veterans in the Classroom” program where members provide a glimpse of what is involved in military service. 

John C. Thomas, a Vietnam veteran likes to dispel some of the myths about Vietnam War combat troops that we see in movies. He tells the students that those who served came from all walks of life. Thomas said he never saw rampant drug use or abuse in the infantry units he commanded. He advocates for Vietnam vets who have suffered repercussions of the war, the awful homecoming they received and the medical treatment they did not receive.


The Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch Chapter of the NCL is a group of mother/daughter teams who offer their time and talent to non-profits. The group fosters relationships while promoting social awareness by considering the community’s needs. Working with others nurtures confidence and develops skills through education, problem-solving, team-building, and event planning. 

Volunteer activities include: Hill Country Family Services' Orange Bucket Food Drive collects non-perishable stables. The teams assist the Boerne Community Coalition assemble Weekend Food Bags for children. Kendall County Women’s Shelter welcomes NCL teams on Saturdays to sort and price donations and organize and clean the store. Kendall County Women's Shelter collects homemade casseroles every third Monday for the women and children under their care. The teams learn about native plants while helping maintain Cibolo Nature Center’s gardens on the Herff Farm in the Teaching Garden. Rainbow Senior Center celebrated Older American Month in May with a senior parade. Check the chapter’s Facebook page for more information.


Veterans mentor students in the StandBYMe program. "I wish I had done this a lot sooner. It was the first thing I did when I retired. For me, it has been very rewarding and very fulfilling,” explains Larry Ciano. Les Huffman E-4 USMC  68-70, stated, "Mentoring a child has given me a chance to have a positive Christian influence on a young person's life. My goal was to change a life but I didn't realize that the relationship formed with my mentee would change mine. It is an incredible experience." 

"I believe my understanding as a veteran and father help with mentoring the high school teenager that I have the privilege to work with. The integration of a Christ-centered mentoring program and the lessons I have learned through my experience bridges the gap between veterans and teens. The values veterans learn - loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage - aligns with Christian values of God first, faith, love, serving others, compassion, hope, humility, and integrity. My duty as a mentor is to help my mentee understand these values; it will not only help him grow as an individual, but allow him to understand how to help his community and  veterans." - Ryan Martinez

  • VFW Post 688 teaches Scouts proper techniques for handling, displaying, and disposing of American flags.
  • NCL members volunteering at Kendall County Women's Shelter
  • Casseroles for  Kendall County Women’s Shelter
  • School supply drive for Boerne Community Coalition