Connection over Competition

Four tribes of local Women inspiring each other to be better together

Four Tribes of Women Inspire How they can be Better, Together 

Badass Women Entrepreneurs 

Kelly Nixon and Meagan Lang were sharing a bottle of wine and business woes one evening when a groundbreaking idea came to mind. Kelly, the owner of Nixon & Co. Salon, and Meagan, the director of athletics for Raptors Athletics Baseball, have been longtime friends and Castle Rock residents. They have seen the community and business landscape evolve, and on January 6th they realized it was finally time. 

The friends launched Badass Women Entrepreneurs with the goal of creating a safe space (literally, a space where conversation knows no boundaries) to share struggles regarding owning a business, womanhood, and the intersection of the two. 

“If a man were to do and say some of the exact same things as we did in the business world, it would be received differently,” Kelly says. 

Their goal is certainly not to put down men, but to elevate each woman in their group and provide a place where they can discuss real issues like work-life balance, finances, employee management, and branding. Their focus is on women who run their own businesses top-to-bottom.  

The group of around 60 women have a wide range of experience and professional expertise, which easily facilitates corporate learning and growth. At each meeting, Meagan and Kelly help the entrepreneurs identify where they stand in the business cycle and provide ‘homework’ to facilitate deeper thinking.

“Many times business owners have the answers within them, they just need to dig,” Kelly says.

Ultimately, Badass Women Entrepreneurs want to eliminate a mindset of competition and replace it with a mindset of cooperation. 

“We want to change how women feel about other women,” Meagan says. “Why do someone else’s successes have to make us feel threatened?” 

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This Green Grass

Chelsea Husum does not succumb to the age old adage that the grass is greener on the other side. She helps women take ownership over their lives so they can see that the grass is greener wherever they choose to water it. 

Her passion project, This Green Grass, emerged from a blog she started about three years ago. Chelsea became somewhat of a self-development addict, waking up at 4:30 a.m. to read, journal, meditate, and work-out. One day, she decided to book a room at the Douglas County library and host a workshop, unsure of who (if anyone) would attend. She was shocked at the outcome.

“People just want to feel connected, you know?” Chelsea says. In realization of this need, Chelsea also hosts social hours at Crush Wine Bar. A diverse array of women show up, from young moms to 65-year-old women who are new to the area and just want to make friends.

 This experience has revealed a striking reality to Chelsea- so many women don’t feel whole.

 “Women, especially mothers, often feel lost, or like something is missing,” Chelsea says. “It’s largely due to this  negative stigma that if you spend time on yourself, you are selfish.”

 This tribe of women are finding each other and themselves through Chelsea’s own journey. With her inspirational talks, workshops, and events, Chelsea aims to help women answer the burning question, “Isn’t there something more?”

 Link to Chelsea’s blog:

She also has a “Be Always Blooming” mountain retreat August 27-30, we could promote

Polka Dot Powerhouse 

It is really easy to connect dots. That is the motto for Polka Dot Powerhouse, a connection group where women of all professions and backgrounds meet to better themselves and one another. They refrain from using the word “networking” and, in an effort to value relationships over business, do not pass out business cards during meetings. 

Bonnie Weisburg, director of the Monument chapter, found Polka Dot when she needed it the most. She was craving support from like-minded professional women in the midst of a transition from the medical field to a career in banking. The chapter of 36 women celebrated their one year anniversary in March. As Bonnie puts it, they simply “welcome women who need women.”

Each month the group convenes over a delicious lunch and laminated pink schedules that detail the afternoon’s events. The typical agenda includes a guest speaker, time for each member to publicly celebrate personal wins from the past month, and the option to discuss new businesses or upcoming events. 

Above all, these women aim to support one another. Bonnie deemed the chapter’s official mascot as the llama as a reminder that everyone should “leave your drama llama at home” when attending the monthly meeting, coffee hours, evening socials, or any other Dot sponsored events.

At each meeting, one woman is bestowed with the beloved wonder woman cape. This floor length cape epitomizes Dot’s dedication to supporting one another.

“Awarding the cape is always electric. It accomplishes one of our main goals- making our women feel honored and loved,” Bonnie says. 

 Mel, I know you are a part of this- what is the best way for people to connect?


Ladies Tea Committee

 Teacups and finger sandwiches can save lives. What seems small actually has the propensity to provide roughly 75 free 3D mammograms and diagnostic cancer tests for local women. The Ladies Tea Committee is a group of 13 women who rally around the goal of raising $20,000 for the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital with their annual tea.

 September 27th will mark the tea’s 5th year. Attendants can expect to walk into an ornate room filled with flowers and decor, surrounded by the sound of lovely music and lively chatter in the Cielo at Castle Pines. A silent auction and sit-down tea complete with light sandwiches, scones, sweets, and tea sponsored by the local Teakoe tea company are among some of the items on the agenda.

 Christel Dikeman, the chairwoman of the committee, says that the event can be viewed as an afternoon of inspiration. 

 “We have a shared passion to give back to the community,” Christel says. “There is power in opening yourself up to other’s ideas. With such a wonderful, diverse group of women, we are hopeful that this will be our best event to date.”

 Website to purchase tickets and learn more:








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