Conquer Your Clutter

Local resident and professional organizer shares five tips toward a more organized home.

Beth Spiroff is a professional organizer from Northville and has been transforming lives and homes for more than three years all over SE Michigan. She has always been interested in ordered and structured spaces and delights in making the ordinary look amazing. Creating functional and appealing spaces for her clients is her primary goal, and she enjoys creating systems that foster new habits in her clients’ lives. She truly believes that less is more. You can see her work and book a free virtual or in-home consultation at

1. Start small and see your progress! Getting started on a large home or office organizing job can be daunting! Begin with a small goal and keep going. Once you see what you can do, you’ll be motivated to continue. Set a timer and go!

2. Labels! Labels can help when you have a lot to store in a smaller space, particularly when using uniform containers. Use a label-maker or cardstock, and feel free to add your own creative touch. Huge bonus is they look great.

3. Go vertical! Utilize shelving, risers, hooks and other systems on the walls to capture otherwise wasted space and make living areas more efficient.

4. Use clear containers to see what you have! If it’s in the pantry, the closet or the basement, clear bins will help take the guesswork out of seeing what’s inside.

5. Get creative! Repurposing items from other parts of your home can be both fun and economical. For example, I have a shoe-hanger in my bathroom stocked with makeup and hair products to free up counter space. Thinking outside the box can really be an effective solution.

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