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Constructing Fun

Alex Larson, co-owner of Thayer Lynn Carpentry, Finds Joy in His Work and Play

Growing up in and around Crystal Lake gave Alex Larson a sense of community and connection.  Both he and his wife, Danielle, decided that they wanted to raise their family in the same community in which they were brought up.  Their ties run so deep that they recently called off their decision to move out of state in favor of continuing to grow their business and plant roots right here at home. 

How did the company start? Thayer Lynn Carpentry (named after the middle names of each of their two children) came into being in April, 2020, a time of uncertainty, due to a raging pandemic, when people were confined to their homes.  Alex realized, maybe more than ever, the importance of outdoor spaces that are multifunctional and comfortable for the whole family.   

As a former union carpenter, he decided to take the leap of faith, in partnership with Danielle, and create custom outdoor spaces to help bring people together and enjoy their time connecting in their own environment.  What they learned from talking to the community is that most people wanted a space that invited connection and fun. Out of that, Thayer Lynn found purpose:  Design outdoor living spaces that attract the homeowners and their family and friends to spend more quality time together.

What are your other passions?  While creating beautiful outdoor decks, porches and three season rooms are rewarding professionally, Alex desires a balance in his personal life.  He doesn’t just construct fun for others, he engages in activities that are exciting and fulfilling for himself.  That used to be racing BMX and Motocross bikes but injuries, lack of time to train and becoming a dad led him to mountain biking - something he can do close to home or in places like Arkansas, where he and his family spent time in August.

How do you escape from the daily grind?  Alex explains, “Mountain biking gives me that adrenaline rush I look for while providing me a healthy outlet to manage stress and enjoy the outdoors.”  Sometimes he squeezes in 30 minutes at Veteran’s Acres on the trails just to clear his head.  Other times he participates in competitive races.  But every time he rides, he remembers how much he loves the feeling of connecting with nature.  It is a joy he now shares with Danielle.  She is not a competitive rider, but together they have experienced some amazing parts of our country from the seat of a bike.  It has become a family affair as they have equipped their bikes to hold their two young children so they, too, can see the outdoors from their parent’s perspective.

What are your future plans?  Alex finds joy in hitching up the camper, loading up the bikes and traveling to new biking destinations, such as Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado and Arkansas.  But he also loves the exhilaration of getting out on the trails close to home.  He is so passionate about mountain biking that it is a goal of his to work to enhance and expand the trail systems in Crystal Lake and the surrounding areas.  He would like to see more single lane tracks that thrill seekers like him can enjoy as well as the more novice riders looking for something a little more challenging than the paved bike paths.

And, when it comes to Thayer-Lynn, his goals are to design living spaces beyond decking and create atmospheres that encourage families to spend more time outside.

How do you think people would identify with and relate to you? The words that Alex and Danielle use to describe their business also reflect who they are as people:  Integrity, Fairness, Passion, Community, Respect.  And, oh yes, FUN!  Whether building outdoor spaces for clients or hitting the trails with his family, one thing is clear, Alex doesn’t just talk about spending time outdoors, he lives it.

Mountain biking gives me that adrenaline rush I look for while providing me a healthy outlet to manage stress and enjoy the outdoors.

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