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Invest in precious metals with Jack Dempsey’s boutique approach at 401 Gold Consultants

Jack Dempsey grew up with a father who served as a pilot in World War II and a mother who taught home economics. So, before he was delivering precious metals to his local customers through 401 Gold Consultants, he was familiarizing himself with how to sew, budget, and cook three meals a day.

“My parents were Depression-era people, so I got a lot of influence from them. I learned about making sure that you don’t let other people take you over, that you need to watch out for yourself because no one else will do it,” says Jack.

Jack’s parents also drilled into him the value that comes from having nothing between you and your money, including the bank. That’s where owning gold comes into play. On account of the privacy of the unregulated market of precious metals, investors have tremendous independence.

“I used to be an investment banker. I learned a lot about markets and how banks work, and then I got into precious metals,” says Jack. “I actually worked for a company that vacuumed the gold off of the sea floor near a mountain that was full of it.”

Even before launching 401 Gold Consultants, Jack understood the importance of communicating with his customers. That’s why he emphasizes one-on-one appointments to get to the heart of why someone is interested in investing.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, always trying to give that personal service while selfishness and greed are flying around me,” says Jack. “A savvy investor is looking for something that is both property and money at the same time, privately. This role requires getting to know that customer.”

Ready to cook up a strong investment portfolio? Head to 401goldconsultants.com to learn about precious metals and book your appointment!

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