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Consult with Larry Bray

Are you looking for opportunities to start making money in 2020? Then, the real estate investing business might be just the right choice for you. Real estate investments are one of the best ways to make money as they offer wide diversity of investment options for nearly everyone – from new real estate investors to the most experienced real estate experts – at relatively low risk compared to other investment types such as the stock market.

Larry Bray, is an estate planning attorney.  He was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee.  He has had a presence in Nashville for almost 20 years and has an office here in Brentwood.  His practice involves asset protection planning.  He assists clients in structuring the ownership of the investment properties for real estate investors.  He often recommends asset protection trusts, as well as entities such as LLCs.  His firm wants to make sure when a client becomes incapacitated or passes away that the property can be managed, sold or transferred the most efficient way without having to go through a court process.  In conjunction with this, his recommendations keep the client protected from potential liabilities associated with the property as well as protect the property from liabilities that the client may cause.   

How to Invest Wisely

+Establish an LLC

An LLC will protect the investor from liabilities arising on the investment properties.

+ Set up a Trust

Larry recommends you set up a trust.  "Create a Tennessee Investment Services Trust, which is a self-settled Tennessee asset protection trust.  The LLC ownership interest or the investment property can then be transferred to the trust so that it is protected from the clients’ creditors as well as better protects the client from any liabilities that arise on the property".  

- While there is no perfect real estate investment, by diversifying your capital and finding a good attorney to guide you in the right direction you'll be on the right path to making a good investment.  The best course of action is to figure out what’s most important to you and decide the best way to invest accordingly.